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Yes, Martha Stewart has a shed just for her baskets. Take a peek.

The queen of organized crafts puts all of her baskets under one roof.
/ Source: TODAY

When you’re Martha Stewart, surely you can have it all, so why not have a nice roof for your baskets?

Over the weekend, the queen of organized crafts revealed she’d recently done some renovations with an Instagram post shared on April 15.

“My little basket house needed a new roof,” she explained at the top of the post, which featured an image of her standing in a shed and holding up a set of baskets while surrounded by plenty more.

“Replaced the rotted cedar shingles with a brand new painted metal roof that will outlive most others,” she added. “The baskets inside had to be removed during the two-day process. Gave me time to clean inside and rearrange and even edit a bit. Getting to be time for another tag sale?????”

In a follow-up post, the businesswoman shared a carousel of pictures showing even more baskets that ranged in size, sat in shelves and dangled from the roof.

“Can I move in?” one user commented on the post facetiously. “I’m told I’m a basket case.”

“Wonderful about the new awesome roof,” another replied. “I’m stuck on there being a basket house and (there) being so many baskets to warrant their own home. I love it so much.”

“Wait. A house just for her baskets?” yet another fan wrote. “This is Martha Deluxxxxx. Only she would have something like that.”

Stewart has been a legend when it comes to homemaking for decades. In fact, just last year she was dubbed the Queen of Thanksgiving on TODAY.

In 2020, celebrated her 40th anniversary of appearing on TODAY and told NBC’s Harry Smith at the time that she has quite a few Thanksgiving under her belt — or basket.

“I think I probably cooked, oh, maybe, I’ve cooked, let me see, 60 Thanksgivings at least, maybe more,” Stewart said to Smith at the time.