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Martha Stewart shares zoomed in selfie to show off skin after ‘mostly dry January’

The lifestyle expert should officially add "selfie expert" to her résumé.
/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart is no stranger to the selfie. 

In her latest Instagram post on Sunday, January 29, Stewart shared an ultra-zoomed in selfie of her face, capturing the lifestyle expert with her head tilted back, eyes closed, and lips pursed — showing off her smooth, glowing skin.

"Lying in the shampoo area of @FredericFekkai the light was perfect for a new selfie!!!" the 81-year-old captioned the post. "Absolutely no re-imaging!!! Skin looking good after a mostly dry January and pilates @bedfordpilates every other day. By re -imaging I meant no filtering my selfie !"

Just hours after her initial selfie, Stewart posted several more photos on Instagram from her trip to the hair salon.

She shared three “un filtered” images, seemingly in response to some of the criticism in the comments from the original post, including one comment that read, "And this ladies and gents, is perfect plastic surgery."

"These are the other three selfies I took. My expression was better in the first one but my skin looks great in all of them," she wrote, before dropping her details about her skincare and wellness routines. "No face lift. Great derms my whole life ... Great exercise and did I mention amazing facials @mariobadescu for the last forty years!"

Over the years, Stewart has become a selfie aficionado on social media, known especially for her “thirst traps” on Instagram. 

Her expression in Sunday's post was reminiscent of one of the first thirst traps Stewart shared on social media several summers back during a pool day at her home in East Hampton.

In July 2020, Stewart shared a selfie on Instagram posing in the pool donning a strappy swimsuit. In the picture, Stewart pursed her lips and titled her head back as she captured the sizzling shot.

One year later, Stewart did what she does best: shared her top tips for creating the perfect thirst trap. Stewart broke down what went on behind the scenes of the photo in a step-by-step approach, as if she were walking someone through preparing a meal or a home decor project. 

“First, project fabulous!” the voiceover stated in the TikTok video while Stewart appeared on screen with her July 2020 selfie in the background. “Next, only conceal where needed. Being effortless is key. Now, add a touch of gloss.”

In August 2022, Stewart puckered up again to celebrate her 81st birthday with her now-signature selfie, snapping the picture after “just a bit too much” chardonnay. 

Later in October on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Stewart even addressed one of her more famous thirst taps, an Instagram ad for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. In the video, she spoke about the coffee while only wearing a white apron printed with the company’s logo.

“It keeps the interest alive,” Stewart told Barrymore.

"I practiced the day before to see if I looked OK," she added. "And I looked good."