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It does more than protect food! 6 creative home uses for aluminum foil

Aluminum foil does so much more than just protect food — it can sharpen scissors, scrub pots and even keep pets at bay.
/ Source: TODAY

Aluminum foil does so much more than just protect food. Believe it or not, this pantry staple can also be a practical problem solver in a pinch, and is helpful beyond the confines of the kitchen.

Here are six new uses for aluminum foil around the home:

1. Soften hard brown sugar

Got a block of hardened sugar on your hands? Simply wrap it up in foil and bake at 300 degrees for five minutes. It will soften right up.

2. Scrub your pots

When there's nary a scrub pad to be found, crumple up a piece of foil and tackle those pots. It works as a heavy-duty scrubber and can lift even baked-on foods.

3. Create a makeshift funnel

It works for dry goods, but for liquids, too! Just layer a few pieces of foil, form into an open funnel and transfer your ingredients.

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4. Sharpen dull scissors

Fold foil a few times to create a couple of layers. Then cut seven or eight times to sharpen the blades. It works!

5. Catch messy drips and spills

Put a sheet of foil on a lower rack of the oven to catch messy spills and drips from bubbling casseroles above. DO NOT put foil on the bottom of an oven, as it can catch fire.

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6. Keep pets from jumping on furniture

Put a sheet of foil on the seat cushions to deter pets from hopping up. They don't like the reflective surface or the sound of foil, and will curl up elsewhere — preferably their pet bed!

This post was originally published October 14, 2016.