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/ Source: TODAY
By Amy Eley

The presents are opened, our bellies are stuffed and the holiday season is wrapping up. When you're ready to pack up those decorations, we have DIY ways to do so easily and safely.

How to store Christmas tree lights

Spare yourself the headache next year of untangling those Christmas tree lights by wrapping them up properly this year. To do so, take a piece of cardboard and simply wrap the lights around the cardboard as you take them off the tree. Once complete, store the cardboard/light combination in a plastic bin.

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How to store Christmas ornaments

For many, Christmas ornaments are family heirlooms — and investments. Store yours safely by tucking them into egg cartons as you remove them from the tree. Place an ornament in each "egg" hole in the carton. Once filled, place it in a plastic bin with your Christmas tree lights. They should stay safe and sound until next year.

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How to store wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is quick to become a mess, but it doesn't have to. Take an empty wine wine or beer box with individual compartments and simply place a roll in each slot. The paper should stay crinkle-free and ready for use next year.