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9 best collectibles for the home, according to interior design experts

Home is where the heart is ... and where the collectibles are!
Record collection
A record collection could be a great conversation starter!Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

There’s a reason why the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” So why not fill it with pieces that are meaningful?

Enter: collectibles.

Whether you're finding them all over the world or in your local antique shop, collectibles for the home are the types of pieces that allow you to craft a space that feels authentically your own. "Hunting for pieces that speak to YOU will help to give your home that 'lived-in' look and will help to create a wonderful haven," says Katie Busenitz, founder of home decor blog The Rustic Boxwood.

Fellow Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger Kelly Page echoes these sentiments, noting that your home should be filled with things that make it feel truly your own. I think the best collectibles represent who lives in that home," she told TODAY Home. "Your walls and your shelves should tell your story. Because I'm a sentimental person, I keep a lot of items from memorable moments in my families lives."

She continues, "A collection can be anything that makes people look with interest and ask the question, 'What is this?' so you can share who you are. Collections are things that express your passions. If it's figurines, or vases in a certain color, or just special items from your life, display them properly and your house will come alive with your story."

Here, we've got a few ideas for the best home collectibles that will help you tell your story.

1. All wooden everything

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Whether it's wooden bowls, bread boards, spoons or trinkets, filling your home with a natural element like wood will give any space a rustic vibe — which mixes beautifully with modern and vintage styles alike.

2. Candles

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Real talk: There is no such thing as too many candles. Even unlit, they can help create a beautiful space. "Candles set the mood for a relaxing ambiance after a hard day's work," said Busenitz. "Candles can emit such pleasant aromas throughout your home all day." And if you're not up for the real thing, invest in some faux ones that operate on a timer to give your home (and your life) the mood lighting it deserves.

3. Distressed leather odds and ends

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"You can find this rustic texture on old books (my favorite!) or on old chairs/sofas," said Busenitz. Another way to incorporate this pretty fabric is to use modern, leather pillows styled on a sofa." Your home will feel like a cozy, old-school library, and what could be better than that?

4. Chippy furniture pieces

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Anything with an antique feel will have you — and your visitors — feeling like they've transported back in time Think: Step-stools, armoires, dressers, benches and windows in faded colors with a bit of wear. When styled together, the result is nothing short of transformative.

5. Eclectic mugs

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Who wouldn't want to get their morning caffeine fix out of something different — and beautiful — every day? Put them on display, and grab whichever one you're feeling on a given morning.

6. Old books

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Books aren't just for reading. They can be styled in a variety of ways so that they look beautiful whether you're pouring over them or staring at them on your coffee table. "Use books in a variety of ways," said Busenitz. "(Such as) stacked on their sides and used for height variation, or displayed opened and propped on a shelf. Place a smaller, old picture frame, for example, in front of the opened book to add interest." You can also stack three old books and tie them together with pretty twine or ribbon for a beautiful centerpiece on any shelving unit.

7. Records

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Love music? Kick it old school and bring out the vinyl. Because the sleeves come in such bright, beautiful colors, you can file them in a shelf for a multicolored element, or splay them out on a console to show off some of your favorites. Plus, modern record players act as artful decor in their own right.

8. Maps

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Commemorate your favorite trips by bringing home a map of every destination. They can be framed and hung on a wall, or used to wallpaper a statement wall or decoupage and refurbish a piece of old furniture.

9. Plates and bowls

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We love collectibles that are functional! Gather tablewear from places you travel or local antique shops, and throw an eclectic dinner party when you've got a full set.