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4 products for weathering a serious storm from home

/ Source: TODAY

Storm on the way? Depending on the severity — like with the massive and destructive Hurricane Matthew — you will want to evacuate and take shelter in a safe place before the storm closes in. For those less severe forces of nature that you decide to wait out at home, these four smart products are critical to have at the ready.

1. First-aid kit

If your family medical kit has seen better days, now may be the time to upgrade. These compact kits from Adventure Medical kits come in a range of options and prices. While we like the watertight variety, you can purchase according to your lifestyle or preferred family activities.

Adventure medical first aid kit, $37,

Adventure Medical Kits

2. A multifunction radio device

Chances are, your Wi-Fi may disappear as soon as the storm hits, so don't depend on your mobile device for breaking news updates. If you want one go-to gadget to keep you powered up and informed of the storm's whereabouts, this is it. This multipowered, multifunction hand-crank device receives AM/FM and weather band alerts, and charges your smartphone via USB. It also has multiple power options including rechargeable batteries, solar power and AAA batteries. It's also a high-powered LED flashlight and an emergency beacon. And, frankly, you can't beat the price.

FRX3 Hand Crank NOAA AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Smartphone Charger, $60,

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3. Practical light source

This portable lantern is actually four lights in one, making it convenient for families to use when waiting out a storm. If you need a personal light source, simply grab a light panel by its handle and remove from the base. When you're done, reattach to the base and it will recharge. Bonus: Because it's LED, you never need to replace the bulbs (they last a lifetime!), and they run cool, so they're always safe to touch.

Coleman Quad LED Lantern, $64.99,

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4. Waterproof cases for gadgets

In a nutshell, these supersmart zip-close bags are created specifically for your gadgets. Unlike Ziploc bags, these tech cases have specialized window panels which allow normal use of touchscreens, cameras and controls. The dual-track zipper creates the perfect barrier against the outside world, and can even protect devices while being submerged in a bit of water.

ESeries E-Case waterproof gadget protectors, from $13,