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‘Too Hot to Handle’ star Emily Miller reveals she had an ectopic pregnancy: ‘Please don’t ignore your body’

The reality star was rushed to the hospital and had her fallopian tube removed.
The reality star shared her pregnancy loss in an Instagram post on June 10.
The reality star shared her pregnancy loss in an Instagram post on June 10.Instagram/Emily Miller

“Too Hot to Handle” star Emily Miller is recovering after an ectopic pregnancy.

In an Instagram post on Friday, the reality star revealed that she was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after collapsing with pain in her midsection and had her fallopian tube removed.

“Trigger warning: Pregnancy loss,” she began her message. “So a few weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. Although it was a shock it was something I was also quite excited about.”

“However on Tuesday I collapsed whilst being at the shops. I cannot even describe to you the pain- it felt like my whole stomach was collapsing and was quickly rushed to hospital,” she continued, sharing photos of herself at the hospital, her IV and scars. She also posted video of boyfriend and former co-star Cam Holmes brushing her hair. 

Miller and Holmes met on the second season of “Too Hot to Handle.”

After undergoing scans, the nurses confirmed she suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an ectopic pregnancy “occurs when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus,” most often in a fallopian tube. An ectopic pregnancy cannot proceed normally and the fertilized egg can’t survive.

Miller added that if the fertilized egg had been left in her fallopian tube, it would have burst. She continued sharing that she was “so scared,” adding, “Not only was I about to lose my baby but I was about to have my Fallopian tube removed with the potential of my ovary too.”

The "Too Hot to Handle" star shared an update on her Instagram story on June 10.
The "Too Hot to Handle" star shared an update on her Instagram story on June 10.Instagram Story/Emily Miller

The TV personality underwent surgery on Wednesday and shared that when she woke up had a panic attack.

“I was dosed up with morphine because I was in so much pain that I then felt sick and had to go straight to sleep,” she described. “After a few more blood tests and a bit of breakfast, I was discharged yesterday afternoon.”

She added that she’s still in a lot of pain and bed bound, “but mentally it’s been even harder.”

She concluded her post by sharing how thinking back she “definitely ignored the signs” her body was trying to tell her early on. She then urged women to get an early pregnancy scan “just to be on the safe side to rule out any kind of potential problems.” 

“Please don’t ignore your body,” Miller expressed. 

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In a follow-up Instagram story, Miller shared that she had returned to the hospital because one of her wounds was “completely open with no stitching.”

Holmes, on his end, also shared a selfie of the two and thanked people for their kind messages and support. 

“Appreciate every single one of you,” he added.

Holmes thanked people for their support.
Holmes thanked people for their support.Instagram Story/Cam Holmes