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Sitting at a desk all day? Here's what you should be doing instead to stay fit

While long hours at a desk certainly don't help you stay fit, there are still plenty of ways to navigate through a tricky schedule!
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

If you think your office job or school schedule is standing in the way of your health and fitness goals, we’re here to show you otherwise. While long hours at a desk certainly don’t help you stay fit, there are still plenty of ways to navigate through a tricky schedule.

Our No. 1 tip is to wake up 30 minutes earlier to squeeze in any type of workout — we call it our morning Booty Call! This alone will have a huge impact on your mood, energy levels and body!

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Tone It Up

In need of some extra movement during your day at the desk? We've got you covered.

Walk every chance you get

Need to talk to a co-worker? Turn it into a walking meeting. Did you drive to work today? Deliberately park farther away and take quick strolls around the block whenever possible.

Not only will this habit help you feel and look your best, but it also boosts productivity!

One step at a time

Skip the elevator and escalator whenever possible. If you work in a multiple-story building, factor walking up those stairs into your commute time.

Too many flights to climb? Take the elevator halfway and the stairs for the rest of your commute. Prepare for a perkier behind!

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Take quick toning breaks

Every time you use the restroom, make copies or head over to the water cooler, complete 10-20 squats! This tip can fit seamlessly into anyone’s day.

If your co-workers are game, implement midday toning challenges where everyone does squats or lunges together throughout the day.

Stick to healthy snacks

Keep raw almonds, fresh fruit and other waistline-friendly foods in your drawer to help you say no to the candy bowl or vending machine snacks.

Unless you’re celebrating a special occasion at work, this is a good rule to stick to.

It’ll help you avoid getting into the habit of reaching for empty calories while you’re working. It’s also more fun to save those indulgences for when you’ll enjoy them the most!

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Bring a big water bottle and fill it up often

Since dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, sipping water throughout the day is a must for curbing unhealthy cravings.

Posture check!

Set a timer on your phone to go off every few hours as a reminder to practice good posture. Not only is this important to prevent unwanted tension in your neck and shoulders, but it helps engage your entire core.

Focus on keeping your shoulders back and down, your neck in line with your spine and your heart open. Don’t forget to engage those abs, too!

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the founders of Tone It Up — a fitness and lifestyle brand. They are certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches, and best friends. Karena and Katrina have taken the world by storm with their fun, quirky and energetic approach to fitness and have built a vibrant community based around friendship, accountability, motivation, and inspiration. To learn more, follow them on and @ToneItUp.