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Michael Bolton reveals he had surgery for brain tumor before the holidays

The 70-year-old singer says he will be taking a break from touring.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Bolton experienced some unexpected health challenges over the holidays.

The 70-year-old singer revealed on his social media on Jan. 5 that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required “immediate surgery.”

“I want to start by wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new year! I also want to share that 2023 ended up presenting me with some very unexpected challenges,” the music legend wrote. “Just before the holidays, it was discovered that I had a brain tumor, which required immediate surgery.”

Bolton thanked his “incredible” medical team, before sharing that the surgery was a success.

Michael Bolton Concert - Starlite Occident 2023
Michael Bolton performs on June 30, 2023 in Malaga, Spain.STARLITE / Redferns

“I am now recuperating at home and surrounded by the tremendous love and support of my family,” the “When a Man Loves a Woman” singer wrote.

Bolton added that for the next couple of months, he will be devoting his time and energy to his recovery, “which means I’ll have to take a temporary break from touring.”

“It is always the hardest thing for me to ever disappoint my fans or postpone a show, but have no doubt I am working hard to accelerate my recovery and get back to performing soon,” he continued, expressing his gratitude for all the love and support that his fans have “so generously shown me through the years.”

“Know that I’m keeping your positive messages in my heart, and I’ll give you more updates as soon as I can. Much love always, MB,” he concluded.

The Grammy winner did not share additional details about his brain tumor or his symptoms.

A brain tumor is growth of cells in or near the brain, which can happen in or near the brain tissue, according to Mayo Clinic. There are many different types of brain tumors and some are not cancerous.

The signs and symptoms of a brain tumor depend on the size and location. However, general symptoms include headache or pressure in the head that is worse in the morning, severe headaches that happen more often, nausea or vomiting, blurry vision, seeing double and/or losing sight on the sides of your vision. Memory or speech problems are also signs, as well as trouble with balance, losing feeling or movement in an arm or leg.

Bolton’s Instagram and Facebook comments section was filled with supportive messages and well wishes.

According to Bolton’s website, he was scheduled to begin touring in February, with concert dates scheduled across 2024.