No more excuses! Beat your top 3 reasons for skipping the gym with this at-home workout

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Want to get in shape, but find there's always a reason why you can't work out? It's time to ditch the excuses!

Here are the top 3 excuses people make to skip a sweat session, and the best ways to beat them:

Excuse No. 1: I’m too tired.

Solution: Get ready for your workout the night before! Pack every single gym item in your bag — literally everything you will need. This makes the morning far less painful. If you’re prepared, you’ll work out. One less excuse.

Excuse No. 2: I don’t like the gym setting.

Solution: You don’t have to go to the gym for a workout! You can pick your favorite workout moves and do them in the comfort of your house. It’s convenient, stress-free, and it’s a time saver. And don’t worry, you’ll still burn your calories!

Start with this sample set of exercises: 10 rounds of apple pickers + burpies + plank knee touches. For round 1, do 10 of each move. For round 2, do 9 of each move. For round 3, do 8 of each move. Count your way down until you are doing 1 of each move. Then your workout's complete!

Check out these easy-to-follow demos:


Apple Pickers: Start with your arms up, then pull them down as you lift your leg. Right side + left side = one rep.Samantha Okazaki / Today


Jenna Wolfe demos burpies.Samantha Okazaki / Today


Plank knee touch: Start in a plank position. Alternate touching your knees to the ground. Right side + left side = one rep.Samantha Okazaki / Today

Excuse No. 3: I don’t see results.

Solution: You don’t make all your money overnight. You don’t raise your children in a week. You don’t get a college education in a month. The good, quality, important things on this earth take time. We invest years in our careers, in raising our kids, in our education — why should it be any different in ourselves? We are an investment and that takes time, effort, patience and dedication. You didn’t gain all your weight in a day, and you certainly won’t lose it in a day. But you WILL lose it if you stay on track. I promise you that.

Give yourself a chance to succeed because if you eat well and get yourself moving, there’s no way you won’t.