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Cheerleader asks special needs student to prom in sweetest way possible

Last week Bartosik surprised Ramill, a special education student at Park Vista High School in Lake Worth, Florida.
/ Source: TODAY

Jonathan Ramilo, 18, has never attended a school dance before. But this April that will change, thanks to classmate Mikal Bartosik and a promposal that's gone viral.

On Jan. 29, Bartosik surprised Ramilo, a special education student at Park Vista High School in Lake Worth, Florida, with a big cookie cake.

As soon as he read aloud what was written on the cake — "Will you go to prom with me?" — he yelled "yea!" and jumped for joy around the classroom.

"I decided to go with a cake for my promposal so that the entire class could be included," Bartosik told TODAY.

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Two years ago Bartosik made friends with a boy named Eric, who also has special needs, and regularly visited him during lunch.

"He makes me laugh and is social, cool and fun to be around," Bartosik said. "I would go over to his table at lunch and it kind of just turned into a habit."

cheerleader promposal
Mikal Bartosik surprised Jonathan Ramill in class with a cake asking if he’d go to prom with herCourtesy of Jeanne Ladner

She grew close with all of Eric's lunch buddies, including Ramilo.

"There are always going to be people who will make fun of things that you do, but it's how you react to them that matters," Bartosik said. "When I would get asked why I was sitting with 'those weird kids,' I'd just tell them how awesome they all are."

The 17-year-old varsity cheerleader has already been to two proms, during both her sophomore and junior years, so when Ramilo showed interest in attending this year's event, she got his mom and teacher's approval to ask him.

"I had so much fun at prom the past two years, so I wanted to make someone else's experience as special as mine was," Bartosik said.

cheerleader promposal
Mikal Bartosik huggs Jonathan Ramill after asking him to promCourtesy of Jeanne Ladner

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Bartosik already has her dress picked out for the April 9 event and plans to rent a limo for the night. She's opening the invitation to anyone who wants to join.

"My friends all love Jonathan and want him in their limo, but since I'm making the night all about him, I decided to get our own," Bartosik said.

"A dream of mine is to have more of our students on campus become more aware and accepting of students with special needs," Jeanne Ladner, Bartosik's varsity cheer coach, told TODAY. "Not only has she impacted my life and his life, but he has now impacted her life!"