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See how this woman hilariously got revenge on her husband — with a sandwich

After a misstep with his wife, one man found himself at the center of a sandwich-sabotage plot.
/ Source: TODAY

Revenge is a dish best a shrink-wrapped Velveeta single?

That's the lesson one man apparently learned recently after calling his wife "a sandwich maker."

Upon sitting down to his next sandwich, he found that his wife had left the plastic on his slice of processed cheese with the words "NOT SORRY" written in thick marker on the shrink-wrap. An absent-minded accident this was not.

The unidentified man, a Reddit poster who goes by the name vollkoemmenes, apparently had bitten down on the sandwich before realizing he'd been had, as teeth marks are imprinted on the plastic and neon-orange cheese beneath.

Having a sense of humor about the revenge plot, he quickly realized his misstep and posted photos of the sabotaged sandwich on the image-sharing site Imgur late last week, with the headline: "Called my wife a sandwich maker."

Of course, the internet had a lot to say about the sandwich plot.

"Never warn. First rule of sandwich club," joked Imgur commenter onaclov2000.

Others seemed to file the idea away to settle future spousal disputes. "Absolutely glorious. I showed my husband so that he's aware of the new threat," wrote commenter TrashPandaAddict.

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Still others sided with the name-calling husband, many seemingly taking issue with the use of processed cheese.

"Even unwrapped," user SuburbanCommando wrote, "calling that a sandwich should be punishable."