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What's the best wine to drink on a diet? Leslie Sbrocco offers suggestions

We asked for your wine questions and they came pouring in!
/ Source: TODAY

We asked for your wine questions and they came pouring in! Now, Leslie Sbrocco, author of “Wine for Women,” is telling you everything you wanted to know about the fruit of the vine, including what to order if the table is split between sweet and dry wine, and what varieties to drink while on a diet.

When attending events, what wine should I order if the table is split between sweet and dry wine? —Grace Turnbull

If you can only choose one wine for a crowd, make it pink. Rosé wines are made with red grapes but in a white wine style, which makes them easy to please drinkers of red or white, and sweet or dry. This wine is dry in style but sports succulent, red-berry freshness. Crafted from Syrah in Chile's sunny Colchagua Valley, it's a wine to stock up on for year-round sipping.

Recommendation: 2014 Montes "Cherub" Rosé of Syrah, Colchagua Valley, Chile; $15

What is the best all-purpose wine glass if you just have one? — Trish Gonzalez

Even though it says it's for white wine, this 16-oz. lead crystal glass can be used for white, red, and even sparkling wine. What I like about Nachtmann is the high quality at an affordable price.

Recommendation: Nachtmann Vivendi White Wine Glass, Set of 4 for $30

How does one figure out the best wine to pair with certain type of cheeses? — Marew

Though I'm a firm believer in the idea of drinking what you like and eating what you like, my approach to pairing wine and cheese is to either contrast or complement.

Recommendation: Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Old Tawny Port, Portugal; $30One of the world's top tawny ports, this lightly sweet, fortified wine sports aromas of caramel and orange zest. It's a dessert wine with class.

Pairing Tip: The sweetness of the port is a counterpoint to the saltiness of an aged cheese such as Asiago.

Recommendation: 2013 Acquiesce "Belle Blanc"Lodi, California; $23Hailing from the up-and-coming region of Lodi, this beautiful blend of white grapes including is made by Lodi's only winery devoted to white wine. It is compellingly creamy and smooth, but with a core of freshness. It also makes a great gift option for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Pairing Tip: Creamy cheeses like brie complement the smoothness of the wine.

What is the best wine to drink on a diet? — Courtney Smith

Most dry wines have around 125 calories per 5-oz. glass, with calories coming primarily from the alcohol content. These two wines are made by the same winery, Brancott, using the same grape variety and planted in the same area of New Zealand, but in two caloric versions:

Recommendation: 2013 Brancott "Flight Song" Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand; $15This crisp, clean, lemon-scented white tips the scales at a mere 90 calories. Made by harvesting the grapes earlier, which leads to a lower alcohol content, the wine packs a flavor punch while still saving on calories.

Recommendation: 2014 Brancott Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand; $13Brancott is known for their signature Sauvignon Blanc. With aromatic notes of citrus fruit and fresh herbs, it showcases the uniqueness of Marlborough's sunny yet cool growing region. This delicious value rings in at around 125 calories a glass.