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Walmart is selling a 'party size' Twinkies baking kit for the holidays

The kit includes a cake mix, a cream filling mix, baking pan and instructions.
A very large Twinkie for your very large Twinkie craving.
A very large Twinkie for your very large Twinkie craving.Walmart
/ Source: TODAY

If there were ever a time to indulge in some sweet treats, it's the holiday season after the year we've all had.

And now there's a new take on an old classic: Hostess is selling giant Twinkie baking kits at Walmart. A 32-ounce Twinkie, to be specific.

The kit includes a cake mix, a cream filling mix, baking pan and instructions, and is priced at $15. Just don't keep your creation forever — because, contrary to popular belief, Twinkies do go bad.

"Just imagine the looks on your family members’ faces when you bring out a giant party-sized Twinkie!" the product description reads. "Just add vegetable oil, eggs, water, and heavy cream, and you’ll be on your way to Twinkie the Kid infamy."

There appear to be very few of the kits left in stock and they are labeled as a "holiday" treat, meaning the product is likely to be a limited series.

Hostess Party Size Twinkies Holiday Baking Kit

This is not the first time the company has diversified its Twinkie portfolio. In addition to other baking kits over the years, Post introduced a cereal based on the iconic treat.

According to a representative for Walmart (where the cereal is sold), the little Twinkie-shaped cereal nuggets have "that cream flavor we all crave," but aren't actually stuffed with cream. They do, however, very closely resemble the original snack cake ... just in a very tiny form.

The company also sells "dessert kits" flavored like Twinkies and another classic, Ding Dongs.

The original Twinkies were invented in 1930 by a bakery manager named Jimmy Dewer at Continental Baking Co. in River Forest, Illinois. He named them after a "Twinkle Toe Shoes" billboard that he saw on the way to show off his idea, a Hostess Brand spokesperson told TODAY Food in 2018.