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Try a 3-ingredient Halloween cocktail that's slightly sweet with a little heat

Halloween-themed drinks don't have to all be gimmicky and syrupy sweet, they can be delicious too.
/ Source: TODAY

Halloween-themed drinks don’t have to all be gimmicky and syrupy sweet, they can be delicious too. This three-ingredient cocktail is perfectly colored and when garnished with a suitable straw or spider ice cubes is a sophisticated sip perfect for serving at any fall or festive Halloween party.

For this happy hour I let the Owl’s Brew Coco- Lada do the mixology part for us. They make assembling fool- proof drinks easy, which makes entertaining fun. Pre- made mixes used to be horrifically sweet and composed of all sorts of chemicals leaving a bad taste in your mouth. This new little hand crafted brew prides itself on “what you see is what you get”, meaning its made of all natural products like whole tea leaves, fruits and spices with no artificial flavors added. It’s nice to know exactly what is going into your cocktail. The Coco-Lada brings flavors of black and chai tea, pineapple and coconut to your glass. Mix it with a little Mezcal, tequila’s bad boy relative, and you’ve got a killer cocktail.

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Always wondered about Mezcal? Mezcal is like the wild west of spirits. You never really know what you’re going to get in a bottle. Typically, it’s smoky, earthy and a bit more bracing than tequila. Like a peaty scotch whisky, it takes some getting used to. However, for this cocktail I suggest getting to know Mezcal in baby steps and try the Viejo Indecente Mezcal. It’s not a smoke bomb and is more like a well- made tequila with its subtle earthy and vegetal notes.

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Here’s to tonight’s happy hour with the All Hallows’ Cocktail. Clink!

All Hallows' Cocktail