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Burger King Thailand debuts ‘Real Meat Burger’ with only meat following viral ‘Real Cheeseburger’

To test the limits of the new menu item, one blogger ordered a 100-patty tower of beefy terror.
 Thai food blogger Believe Me, I Already Ate (เชื่อกู กูแดกมาแล้ว) ordered a 100-patty monstrosity from Burger King.
 Thai food blogger Believe Me, I Already Ate (เชื่อกู กูแดกมาแล้ว) ordered a 100-patty monstrosity from Burger King.Facebook

Last week, the world was drawn to a sandwich so cheesy it crossed language barriers, uniting people across the internet, all thanks to burger royalty. And well, it looks like they’ve done it again.

On July 18, Burger King Thailand introduced a new menu item, perhaps more unhinged than the “Real Cheeseburger,” a specialty item that contained 20 slices of American cheese between two buns. The item, which completely sold out at the end of its run, led to the introduction of something meatier than any one person could handle: the “Real Meat Burger.”

“The Have It Your Way of meat lovers,” reads a translation of a Facebook post by Burger King Thailand, introducing “The Real Meat Burger,” which starts at three beef patties and a bun for 339 baht, or about $9.84.

According to the post, customers can add a patty to their burger for 100 baht each, which is $2.90 in American dollars. One stipulation of the Real Meat Burger is that customers are restricted from adding onion, tomatoes or other vegetables, or even cheese or sauce to their sandwich.

“Only meat,” reads a translation at the end of the post. At this point, you may be wondering how we got here.

Well, on July 17, BK Thailand, fresh off of its cheesy success, decided to have a little more fun with expanding the limits of what a burger could be, introducing a slew of new ideas which at first were intended to be a joke.

“Which burger is your personality?” reads a translation of BK Thailand’s caption on a post that includes five new concepts for burgers that pile on one burger topping each to the ends of logic.

They are: the “Real Pickle Burger,” “Real Tomato Burger,” “Real Onion Burger,” “Real Lettuce Burger” and, perhaps most absurdly, “Real Bun Burger,” which appears to be a top bun, a bottom bun and then four more bottom buns serving as the “burger” inside.

The chain later added four more absurd burgers to its roster in the comments: the “Real Sauce Burger,” “Real Mayonnise Burger,” “Real Sesame Burger” and “Real BBQ Burger.”

“Selling for fun. Not for real. Any Order, Have It Your Way,” reads a translation of the caption on the initial post. “You can be yourself in every menu 🍔 👑.”

While BK Thailand said at first that none of these items would actually be available to order in store, its fandom had other ideas. In the comments, folks begged BK Thailand to release the Real Meat Burger, so it listened to his subjects, making the option of a ton of burger patties between two buns a reality.

Now, if you think someone wouldn’t dare order this thing, let alone take it to its logical extreme, you would be very wrong. In the comments section of the announcement post, a Facebook user and blogger Believe Me, I Already Ate (เชื่อกู กูแดกมาแล้ว) commented “I’m going to try to order,” and well, he actually did.

“Hello everyone, today I’m at Burger King. I’m here because I really want to know what a burger with 100 pieces of meat will look like,” the blogger says in Thai, as translated by

The blogger goes over the pricing structure for his viewers and estimates that 100 patties will cost 10,039 baht, which is about $291.51. “Let’s see,” he says.

In the video, the blogger can be seen ordering the burger, with an employee dutifully assembling the 100-patty burger supported by a rapidly flattening bottom bun. His burger is finished off with lettuce and tomato, skirting the rules, but perhaps the staff was too exhausted making this thing to care.

BK Thailand’s true feat of meaty engineering doesn’t seem to be able to stand under the weight of its own meatiness, so several hands have to hold it as the blogger takes bites out of the side of the Romanesque meat column.

Although the blogger didn’t eat the whole thing — how could he? — he says he didn’t let his nearly $300 burger go to waste. He posted later that he was using the leftover beef patties to make a stir-fry.