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Hoda Kotb celebrates partner Joel Schiffman with her signature cake-baking skills

Hoda Kotb whipped up a sweet dessert for her sweetheart.
/ Source: TODAY

We already knew that Hoda Kotb is best in class when it comes to delivering hard-hitting news, interviewing guests and making us smile. But it turns out the TODAY co-anchor may have also been hiding another talent.

Despite her repeated insistence to the contrary, Hoda, 53, has apparently been hiding a secret talent for baking yummy-looking cakes. And she loves to mark special occasions by using that talent!

In this first example of Hoda's knack for dessert making, longtime boyfriend Joel Schiffman holds up a cake that Hoda made for him. The couple, along with daughter Haley Joy, celebrated his 60th birthday on Wednesday.

Now, this looks like a perfectly respectable cake. But what really sells us on Hoda's baking skills is the fact that this wasn't an isolated incident.

Behold, exhibit B: daughter Haley Joy's birthday cake, which the TODAY co-host made in February.

Same pan, same color scheme, same skill with the piping bag. You've definitely got a signature style, Hoda! (And we know you like to be generous with the frosting.)

Now we want to know where we can order our own custom cake by Kotb. (That has a nice ring to it, no?)

Hoda, do us a favor and save us a slice next time!