Why this 'Bacon for Life' contest has some people scratching their heads

Is there such a thing as too much bacon? Some doctors might say yes.
Bacon for Life contest
Bacon for Life contestCourtesy Smithfield Foods
/ Source: TODAY

If the thought of running out of bacon sounds like a nightmare, a new contest from one of the world's largest pork processors might just be a real dream come true.

Smithfield Foods, which is based in Virginia but distributes its products globally, is giving consumers a chance to win enough bacon for a lifetime as part of a sweepstakes running through the end of the year.

Bacon lovers, rejoice!

The Bacon for Life contest will grant one winner enough bacon for 50 years in the form of one package of bacon per week (assuming the winner doesn't keel over from too much bacon before then!) awarded as coupons and cash gift cards valued at $20,777. That's a lot of bacon!

For those who don't win the ultimate porky prize, Smithfield is also awarding more than 1,000 additional prizes, including five "bacon bicycles" (bacon-themed, single-speed cruiser bikes), 10 Smithfield cornhole boards, 500 sets of four Smithfield pint glasses and 500 sets of four Smithfield slap koozies (yes, there is such a thing as a koozie that snaps onto a can just like those signature bracelets slap onto wrists).

If the contest sounds too good to be true, you might be right. For one thing, bacon is one of the main foods that many cardiologists avoid eating because of its hight fat and salt content. Secondly, you might have to buy a package just to enter ... which we supposed isn't so bad.

Smithfield Foods

To enter, anyone can mail (yes, snail mail!) one entry on an index card to Smithfield's headquarters (the address is included in the official rules) or you can purchase a specially marked package and enter a unique code found inside at Smithfield.com/BaconforLife. Each person is limited to 100 entries.

The contest runs through Dec. 31, 2018, and after that date Smithfield will randomly select winners, who will be notified by email by mid-January 2019. That way, the lucky champs can start off their New Years with plenty bacon!

Al Roker's homemade bacon waffles

While winning bacon for life is all (well, mostly) just salty fun and games, Smithfield Foods is actually facing some pretty serious lawsuits right now so a little positive giveaway may go a long way.

The Associated Press recently reported that federal courts have found the company guilty of creating unreasonable nuisances among neighboring properties, including odors and flies from pigs and noisy trucks carrying product. The jury awarded its neighbors more than $25 million in damages in the most recent case, and AP says that there are at least six trials against the pork producer scheduled through the end of the year.