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Scott Foley puts peanut butter on his eggs and everyone's freaking out

'Scandal' star Scott Foley likes to smear his scrambled eggs with peanut butter. And the world may never forgive him for it.
/ Source: TODAY

Actor Scott Foley may be used to "Scandal," but he's never been involved in one quite like this.

Some people douse their eggs in hot sauce. Others cover them in ketchup. But Foley likes to smear them with ... wait for it ... peanut butter. And the world may never forgive him for it.

Foley posted a video of his creative culinary tip to Instagram Monday.

"Good morn! Give it a shot. Seriously," reads the caption.

His 2-year-old son Konrad seems to enjoy the unconventional pairing, too.

"You want more peanut butter on your eggs?" Foley asks his child.

"Yeah!" says Konrad.

"Attaboy," says Foley. "It’s a family thing. It’s a protein thing."

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But viewers could not simply accept that explanation and walk away. They were confused. They were hurt. They were possibly nauseated.

"Have you lost your mind?" one commenter asked.

"Wow. It’s been 10 years of nothing but love for you, but this may end it all for me!" declared another.

The video has racked up more 50,000 views. "You guys are insane," says Foley in a follow-up post. "It’s so good. Don’t knock it 'til you try it. Thanks! Peanut butter eggs. Dig it." He added the hashtag #peanutbutterismykryptonite to the caption, prompting others to share their kooky peanut butter concoctions in solidarity with him.

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I am a big proponent of the "don't knock it 'til you try it" rule, so I did.

(Disclaimer: I like peanut butter and kimchi sandwiches.)

And guess what? It works. Especially with some Sriracha. Sweet, savory, spicy — it's got it all. Think about it: We eat Thai chicken satay with peanut sauce, so why not eggs?

We applaud your fearless feasting, Foley, especially in the face of a pack of hungry Instagram wolves (though apparently not hungry enough for peanut butter and eggs).