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This little girl is going viral for the euphoric facial expressions she makes while eating

No one loves In-N-Out Burger more than Freya does.
little girl reacts to In-N-Out
@freyathegoldengoddess via TikTok

A little girl in Texas is going viral for her unabashed reaction to trying In-N-Out Burger for the first time.

Recorded by mother Samantha Foss, the TikTok video shows her daughter, 8-year-old Freya, enjoying a burger in a car from California-based fast-food chain In-N-Out Burger. Based on her reaction, the little one’s taste buds reached a higher plane. On their shared account @freyathegoldengoddess, the video has garnered over 10.4 million views since it was posted on Nov. 8.

The start of the video shows Freya taking a bite of a Double-Double burger, Animal-Style, with no lettuce or tomato, from the chain. The delight on the second grader’s face says it all, with joy, contentment and pleasure washing over her face as she rolls her eyes and chomps away.

“Get me a Double-Double-Double next time,” Freya says after 10 full seconds of wordless mealtime bliss. After her mom repeats her request, Freya nods in confirmation. The little tyke then slaps the center console in exclamation, as if words could not express the euphoria she’s experiencing in that moment.

Freya and mom Samantha Foss.
Freya and mom Samantha Foss.Courtesy Samantha Foss

In the comments section of the video, more than 10,000 people shared their thoughts on the girl’s passion for food.

“I have now watched this 5x and laughed harder each time 😂, “ commented one TikTok user.

“I understand this happiness completely,” wrote another TikToker.

“Lmaoooo it’s the smack on the arm rest for me!” said another.

“why is this not a commercial,” commented yet another TikToker, to which someone else replied, “I don’t even eat fast food and I want one 😋.”

But the virality of Freya’s foodtime faces didn’t stop there. On Nov. 8, after Freya’s burger bliss started getting love on the platform, Foss posted another instance of her kid ecstatically chowing down, this time at fast-casual pizza restaurant chain MOD Pizza. 

Again, the first few seconds of the video are wordless, with Freya taking a bite of a pineapple and cheese pizza with a dab of pesto on top. After she takes a bite, she curtly says, “Mmm!” and throws her fork down onto the table like a football in the endzone.

“What’s your problem?” asks an off-screen adult.

“What’s my problem? It’s so good!” Freya replies, then stares at the question-asker in silence for 10 seconds as if to say, “Duh!”

Although Freya garnered thousands of positive comments across multiple videos, there were some folks who expressed “concern” over what they called an “unhealthy mindset,” and even dared to call In-N-Out “garbage.”

So, Freya took it upon herself to respond to those people.

“You should let me enjoy my burgers,” Freya says in a Nov. 17 video. She brings her Apple Watch into view to show she’s also an active child — and she can be seen in other clips on her account using a treadmill and dancing in a unicorn onesie. “I close my rings every day. If you know you know.”

For Foss, all the attention on her kiddo is delightfully unexpected but also makes total sense to her.

Mom Samantha Foss, Freya and dad Jorge Bertolin.
Mom Samantha Foss, Freya and dad Jorge Bertolin.Courtesy Samantha Foss

“I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. It’s crazy,” Foss tells “My husband and I were sitting in the car waiting to pick her up and we were having a grown-up conversation about life and bills and I wanted an instant serotonin boost, so I went to look at old videos of her and I came across that video. I was like, ‘This is so funny, the world needs to see this.’”

For Freya, “It feels awesome and a little weird,” she says, adding that she has been reading the comments. “I’m aware … like, well, I’m actually going famous.”

“I’m just grateful that people have been so positive,” Foss says of the comments section of both videos. “Freya is seeing that the world is so much bigger than we think it is, we can really make people smile and just bring a little bit of joy to their day.”

When asked what her favorite food is, Freya says she can’t answer the question because she likes so many different foods. “​​I’m basically machinery. I just eat everything. Like a lot of things. I’ll ever not try something, you know?”

Foss says that Freya loves variety, and has tried and enjoyed food items she wouldn’t even try.

“She’s eaten chicken feet. We bury the pig and we cook the whole thing. She sees it from beginning to end,” Foss says, adding that Freya loves Cuban cuisine, thanks to her Cuban father.

Samantha Foss and Freya.
Samantha Foss and Freya.Courtesy Samantha Foss

Freya then offers some advice for other kids who might be scared to try new things.

“It’s crazy looking at something that you’ve just that you haven’t eaten before and you’re like, ‘Am I actually about to try that?’” she says. “Sometimes it looks so weird. But you gotta close your eyes and do it. You don’t know what you’re going to expect.”