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Oprah surprises a fan with hilarious response to viral video from over 10 years ago

What would you do if Oprah responded to your tweet?
Oprah Winfrey's hilarious reaction to $1 million-winning chicken recipe has been immortalized in a now viral video.@SpencerAlthouse/Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

When a BuzzFeed writer recently resurrected a funny throwback video from "The Oprah Winfrey Show," he was hoping for some great responses — but he never expected that the "Queen of All Media" herself would reply.

On Saturday, Spencer Althouse tweeted out an old video from 2006 in which Winfrey is seen sampling a woman's chicken recipe that won $1 million in the Pillsbury Bake-Off competition that year. Winfrey chews thoughtfully but it soon becomes clear that she is not really enjoying the dish.

"Did we add salt and pepper? I think we needed salt and pepper," Winfrey says as she turns around to find her show producers. Turns out, there was no actual salt and pepper in the recipe — and Winfrey was pretty shocked by the lack of seasoning.

Althouse's original tweet has since garnered over 62,000 retweets, more than 200,000 likes and hundreds of funny comments.

But then, on Thursday, Winfrey herself took note of Althouse's vintage video post and crafted a thorough response in which she actually mentions the writer by name.

She then posted her reply on Twitter and Instagram so that all of her followers could know what was really going on in her head during the now infamous taste test:

Said Winfrey, "OK, Spencer, I don’t know whatever made you pull that tape out of the vault, but [it] made me laugh."

She went on to explain the 2006 moment, saying that she was trying to balance ensuring that her guest had a good experience on the show with how she actually felt about the recipe. Said Winfrey, "The truth, for me, is that I was used to having salt and pepper on my chicken ... that's what I was thinking, 'This chicken needs some salt and pepper.'"

Althouse was beyond enthusiastic that Winfrey even responded.

"OPRAH ACKNOWLEDGED MY CHICKEN VIDEO TWEET AND SAID MY NAME I AM LITERALLY SHAKING," he initially posted, along with Winfrey's video, in all caps.

He responded to Winfrey on Twitter, too, explaining that he grew up watching her show and likes to look up old clips on YouTube, which is how he came across the classic million-dollar recipe response.

It looks like Winfrey is forever "memed" with that moderately horrified look on her face when she tastes the chicken — and now yet another fan whom she has touched is on "cloud nine."