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Now you can sprinkle real Cheez Ball cheese dust all over your favorite foods

It might just be the world's messiest condiment.
Cheez Balls
/ Source: TODAY

What’s better than a crispy, crunchy, oh-so-light, neon-orange Cheez Ball? If you answered nothing, then get ready to live out your wildest, cheese-dusted finger fantasy.

This week, Planters (the company behind the popular cheesy snack) announced it will be giving away hundreds of shakers full of Cheez Balls powder to celebrate its famous balls returning to store shelves for good.

That's just the powder — sans the snack — so you'll be able to sprinkle that bright powder over anything your heart desires.

“Since one of fans’ favorite parts of Cheez Balls is that orange goodness that coats your fingers, Mr. Peanut is rolling out shakers filled with three cheezy ounces of Cheez Balls Cheez Powder … letting fans turn any food into a Cheez Ball,” a company spokesperson told TODAY Food.

Last year, Planters brought back the snack for the first time since 2006 after fans started online petitions and Facebook groups begging for its return. While Planters listened, Cheez Balls were only available for a limited time. However, this year, people can rest easy.

“Fans went nuts when Planters brought back Cheez Balls for a limited time. Because Mr. Peanut knows the fandom for this bright orange snack is strong, Cheez Balls are now here to stay!” the spokesperson said.

Now you can enjoy Cheez dust-covered everything!
Now you can enjoy Cheez dust-covered everything!Planters

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a canister of the beloved orange dust, you’ve got from now until September 1 to enter the sweepstakes. All you have to do is tweet the company what food you’d like to dust with Cheez Balls powder, along with the hashtag #CheezBallsContest.

If you’re feeling really committed to making your life as cheesy as possible, you can enter up to 10 times, as long as you come up with 10 different foods for your entries.

Right now, the company said it has no plans to sell the powder shakers in stores ... but one could always just grind up the balls and create some gourmet homemade dust.