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New soda-flavored Pop-Tarts are coming to a store near you

Kellogg's announced two new Pop-Tarts flavors, for those who need more sugar in their lives.
/ Source: TODAY

In a gutsy move—despite the on-going war on soda—a big breakfast brand is hoping we want more of a sugar fix in the morning.

Kellogg’s is launching a line of Frosted A&W Root Beer and Crush Orange Pop-Tarts, the company announced.

The root beer tarts are topped with “sweet white frosting and brown, red and orange crunchlets,” while the Crush Orange have a citrus-flavored filling that “will tingle your taste buds with its sweet white frosting and orange string icing,” the company says.

Kellogg's handout

While Kellogg’s has not posted nutritional info for the new products yet, its Wildlicious! Frosted Berry Pop-Tarts have 18 grams of sugar, 210 calories, 5 grams of fat, and less than 1 gram of fiber per pastry. Its Whole Grain Strawberry has 15 grams of sugar, 180 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, and 3 grams of fiber, by comparison.

Sales of full-calorie soda beverages have declined 25 percent over the past 20 years, but that hasn’t stopped companies like Taco Bell from introducing things like its Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange, meant for morning consumption.

It doesn’t seem to be deterring Pop-Tarts either: “We’re always trying to surprise our fans with flavors they’ll love,” said Angela Gusse, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts.

Another Pop-Tarts spokesperson added that the pastry-soda hybrid is meant in the same spirit as “mash-ups” popular in the music and fashion worlds.

Kellogg's handout

How you feel about it depends on how much of a sweet tooth you have, of course, and whether you’re staunchly in the farm-to-table camp, or have a secret soft spot for junk food. (Personally, I love the unfrosted strawberry kind myself, which feels like a nice happy-medium. And I do admit to kind of missing the Pop-Tarts World mega store in New York’s Times Square, which served up delicacies like “Pop-Tart Sushi,” minced pastry pieces wrapped in fruit leather.)

Funny enough, in stark contrast to the soda launch, many chefs have taken to making more from-scratch, healthy-feeling Pop-Tart knock-offs, including San Francisco’s brunch spot Foreign Cinema, where Chefs Gayle Pirie and John Clark serve up a seasonal, locally inspired fruit “Pop-Tart” filled with artisanal jam. (Get the recipe, which appears in the new cookbook, America’s Best Breakfasts,here.)

Fruit Tart "Pop Tarts"

If you’re after those new soda flavors, though, they are expected to hit stores nationwide in early May, a spokesperson told TODAY.