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Gwen Stefani reveals high school dream — to sing in KFC commercials

At one point, singing in a KFC commercial would have been a real feather in her cap.
/ Source: TODAY

Gwen Stefani once sang a song called "Just a Girl." But based on something we just learned about her, we think the title ought to have been "Just a Kentucky Fried Chicken Girl"!

That's because Stefani, who never passes up a chance to poke a little fun at her younger self, posted a classic throwback photo on Instagram and Twitter Friday, in which she revealed some of her high school hopes and dreams:

"what did u want to be ?!" she wrote in the caption.

The text and photo is from the newspaper at Loara High School in Anaheim, California, and is circa 1987, when she was a senior. Featuring Stefani in a tousled bobbed blonde haircut and sunglasses, she's answering the question, "What do you think you will be doing in ten years?"

Her answer: "I will be out of college and hopefully be singing for Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials or even better McDonalds commercials. That's what I'll be, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Girl."

Well, she was out of college in less than ten years and singing … but with her band No Doubt. "Just a Girl" was the band's lead single from their third studio album, and was released in 1995.

The 45th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
Gwen Stefani in 2003 at the Grammy Awards in New York City. Once, singing for KFC would have been a real feather in her cap.KMazur / WireImage

A fellow student with the username "Squid Rosenberg" posted the entire article (with names blacked out) on Flickr in 2006, noting that they'd found it while "cleaning out the office."

"I find it amusing that the person with the best sense of humor and the least arrogant set of expectations has been the one to ride the rocket of success," they wrote in the caption. "Everyone else wanted to be famous and rich beyond their wildest dreams; Gwen only wanted to sing the jingles for Kentucky Fried Chicken.... Gwen was always as silly and sweet and unaffected as the woman you see in interviews (though she was very shy when we knew her), and now you have evidence."

There are also some adorable high school pics of Stefani on, too!

Clearly, Stefani, 51, always had big dreams for her musical and vocal talents, but didn't quite see just how far she would skyrocket. But she's always had a passion for fast food:In 2014, she told Us Weekly that she worked in a Dairy Queen when she was 20.

"When I started there, I fit in my outfit," she admitted. "When I ended there, I did not fit in my outfit."