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Costco is now selling a giant 2-pound doughnut — but it's not easy to find

This pastry is definitely big enough to share with friends. But you don't have to!
/ Source: TODAY

Big-box retailers are usually great spots to get bigger — and sometimes better — versions of everything, from giant lobster claws to huge jars of Nutella. So it only seems right that this bounty would extend to pastries.

And now it has, at least in some lucky locations in Australia, where Costco is selling a giant doughnut that looks something like a strawberry-frosted wheel dreamt up by Willy Wonka.

The pastry, which should be considered more like a cake for a group than a snack for one, weighs about 2 pounds.

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In addition to being huge, the doughnut is also topped with rainbow sprinkles and M&Ms. Each doughnut costs 15.99 in Australian dollars, which is about $10.50.

But since this doughnut is only being sold at Costco stores Down Under for now, it might be a little difficult for doughnut fiends stateside to enjoy the treat.

If a flight to Australia is (understandably) not in the cards soon, here are some spots in the U.S. selling similar treats.

Round Rock Donuts — Round Rock, Texas

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It’s not surprising that a Texas-sized doughnut would be found in, well, Texas. Round Rock Donuts sells this doughnut that clocks in at around the size of 12 regular doughnuts. It is14 inches wide and also weighs 2 pounds, per Business Insider, making it roughly the equivalent size of the new Costco offering.

Lard Lad Donuts — Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando

This doughnut shop which pays homage to one of the most iconic doughnut lovers of all time (Homer Simpson, of course) is a must-visit spot for anyone who adores the deep-fried pastry. Lard Lad's signature doughnuts are about 8-inches wide and come with a variety of toppings, from Oreo cookie crumbs to mini marshmallows.

World's Fare Donuts — Hayward, California

This northern California-based shop is known for its giant birthday cake doughnuts that come in a variety of flavors. Patrons rave about the fluffiness and deliciousness of all the shop's offerings.