Apple invented a box that keeps pizza from getting soggy

/ Source: TODAY

The company that brought us the most addictive phone on the planet is taking a stab at reinventing the pizza box. Apple's head of food services helped patent the box, as Savannah Guthrie reported on TODAY this morning.

It's in use at the the company's sprawling new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, where WIRED magazine made the discovery last week. Pictures of it are popping up on social media:

The main goal of the box's design seems to be to keep pizza from getting soggy — never an issue for us, as we eat pizza too fast for that to ever happen, but maybe that's a problem when you work in a giant, ring-shaped, 2.8 million-square-foot building on a 175-acre campus.

While an ordinary pizza box has a mere vent, typically on top, or maybe a few on the sides, the Apple pizza box allows steam to escape through the top lid with eight holes.

"Selected portions" of the base of the box can be elevated to provide a support platform, "in order to prevent moisture from being trapped beneath the pizza rendering the pizza soggy," as well, according to the patent description.

Anyone who has ever folded a pizza box will probably rejoice at the news that no assembly is needed for the box, which has a clamshell-style hinge. The containers nest into each other to save space.

It's also circular — like Apple's new building — which actually does seem to make sense for a pizza.

This is Apple, after all, though, so we're eager to see the next version. The company declined to comment on further details.

If you want to totally geek out over the details, you can check out the full patent here.