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What did winning ‘Voice’ coach Blake Shelton ‘love the most’ on finale night? Meeting Cher

For winning "Voice" coach Blake Shelton, meeting Cher was the highlight of finale night.

When music legend Cher debuted her new single, "Woman's World," Tuesday night on "The Voice," it was a big moment not only in the show's finale, but for coach Blake Shelton.  It turns out her performance struck a personal chord with the country star.

“I lost my dad a year and a half ago, and my dad's favorite artist on Earth, bar none, no question, was Cher,” Shelton told TODAY.com. “My dad worshiped Cher. I wish he could've seen tonight's episode because I would've been texting him saying, ‘I met Cher. I took a picture with her.' And I would've been giving him crap about it.

“That's what I love the most, is that I got a chance to meet Cher,” he continued. “She has no idea about any of that, but it was a real big deal to meet her. She's just as viable and important to music today as she ever was.”

After her performance, Cher told TODAY.com that she’d be interested in sharing her wisdom on a music-competition show.

“(As) a mentor, I think that would be fun,” she said.

The Grammy and Oscar winner went on to praise the music-competition genre as a whole. “This is an amazing thing,” she continued. “They didn't have anything like this when Sonny (Bono) and I started. We played bowling alleys and roller rinks. We didn't get to go on anything. We got to go on stuff when we were famous. It's amazing where you have actual people who've been in the business, been successful and want to help you. So you kind of can bypass a lot of stuff.”

Would Cher have gone on a show like “The Voice” at the beginning of her career?

“Oh, gosh yeah!” she enthused. “I would be like, 'Let me in!' ”

Though Sonny and Cher eventually found TV fame with their variety show “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour” from 1971 to 1974, the legendary diva isn’t sure such a program would make it on the airwaves today.

“We didn't have people that weren't famous. People watched our show so they would see famous people,” she said. “I don't know that a show like that would work anymore.”