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'Carrie' telekinesis stunt gives coffee shop patrons an extra jolt

Some New York City coffee lovers didn't need caffeine to get a jolt during a recent visit to their local cafe, as several witnessed what appeared to be an infuriated female patron throwing a man against a wall, knocking down pictures and books, and shoving tables to one side ... all with her mind. 

Of course, it wasn't real: The telekinetic stunt was all elaborately prepared ahead of time and put into motion by paid actors, all to capture real reactions in a video designed to promote Sony's upcoming film "Carrie." But as intentional viral video stunts go, this one has hit the mark: Posted on YouTube Monday, the video has already racked up nearly 3 million hits. 

The short clip starts off by showing how the stunt was set up (fake wall, remote control devices, a stuntman tethered to the wall with a rope), then cuts to the action as the stuntman accidentally knocks over a woman's cup of coffee. She goes ballistic, and thrusts out her hand — which flings him high against the wall, to the astonishment of customers. From there, it all spirals out of control, as her anger affects other objects in the room. It's a scream — literally.

"Carrie," a remake of Stephen King's breakthrough thriller novel (the original 1976 movie starred Sissy Spacek and John Travolta) is about a tormented high school student who has — you guessed it — telekinetic skills. It opens in theaters on Oct. 18.