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When we unveiled our new orange logo back in September, we also retired the multi-hued emblem that previously welcomed TODAY viewers each morning. And though the transition was quick on air, we were left with a little expired extra: T-shirts.

While we considered what to do with the shirts, which had never been used, the answer was clear to one TODAY staffer.

Tracy Elrod, a production manager on the show, recently volunteered at the Rift Valley Children’s Village in northern Tanzania, and was moved by what she saw. Part of the Tanzanian Children’s Fund, the nonprofit strives to improve the lives of marginalized children by providing food, clothing, shelter, education and much more.

Want to support the Tanzanian Children's Fund? Donate here.

“It’s not a traditional orphanage,” Tracy said. ”The kids are adopted and given a stable home for life, including having a place to come home to from secondary school and university.”

She went on to praise the work of the fund’s founder, India Howell, an American who witnessed the plight of children while working as a safari guide and decided, more than 10 years ago, to help.

“She’s raised the bar to make a difference in the world,” Tracy said.

After hearing about India and the entire Children’s Village community, the answer was clear.

This week, we received a wonderful image showing the boys wearing the TODAY T-shirts.