Ask our #StartTODAY experts your questions in Friday's live Facebook chat

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Do you have a question for our #StartTODAY team as your push forward with your New Year’s resolutions? Now’s your chance to ask them!

Joy Bauer, Jill Martin, and Jean Chatzky for StartTODAYSamantha Okazaki / TODAY

#StartTODAY’s experts Jill Martin, Jean Chatzky and Joy Bauer are sitting down to chat with you in a live Q&A on Friday morning starting at 8 a.m. ET, so now’s your chance to get personal financial, nutrition and organizing advice. (Don’t worry, Jenna Bush Hager will join the trio next week!)

Is it better to focus on protein or carbs for breakfast? What should I ask myself as I organize my closet? What should I know if I want to buy a house this year?

Post your questions on TODAY’s Facebook page — and look out for our experts to answer yours!