TODAY   |  June 12, 2013

Only 1 in 20 people wash their hands long enough

In a new study out by Michigan State University, only five percent of people wash their hands the recommended amount of time, averaging only six seconds. Half of hand washers don’t even use soap.

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>> on yahoo, let me ask you a question, what percentage of people would you say washes their hands properly after using the restroom.

>> well, we know the answer. i'm going to say it's shocking.

>> only 5% of people according to a study by michigan state university actually wash their hands for the appropriate amount of time. you are supposed to wash your hands for long enough to sing two versus of happy birthday . now the average person only spends six seconds washing their hands.

>> if they wash them.

>> 15% of men don't wash their hands at all compared to 7% of women. only half asked wash their hands with soap.

>> why do you even bother?

>> people are less likely to wash their hands if the sink is dirty, probably if it's number one as opposed to number two.

>> is that necessary?

>> and they were more likely to wash their hands if there was a sign encouraging them to do it. how many times have you been in the bathroom here and you're in the stall and you hear someone flush the toilet and then exit the bathroom.

>> men are the worst offenders.

>> she spend a lot of time in men's bathrooms. she knows.

>> i read the research.

>> if i hear someone washing their hands i'll start to sing happy birthday outloud twice.

>> how many versus of happy birthday do you sing? 300.

>> i sing hey jude followed