Simple secrets to looking younger

Looking for the secret to looking younger? Beyond using sunscreen and dating George Clooney, fashion and beauty tips can help turn back time. Rebekah George of shares smart and simple ways to update your look:


Take a supplement for hair
Biotin has been proven to grow and strengthen hair and nails. If hair is sparse, you can trick it to look fuller with colored keratin proteins that bond to your natural hair fibers. (Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails, $7, drugstores; Toppik Hair Building Fibers $35,

Use an at-home gloss or shine spray
As hair becomes older it becomes duller, drier and coarser. Adding shine back into your hair helps reflect light, creating the illusion of younger-looking hair. (Rita Hazan Foaming Gloss, $26,; Aussie Heat Insurance Shine Spray, $3.29, drugstores)

Give hair bounce
Hair that doesn't have movement is aging. Add bounce to your hair with soft waves and bend at the ends. You can do this with Velcro rollers or a curling iron. Softening the hair at the ends also helps disguise dryness and dullness. (Conair Select-A Curl Roller, $9.49, Walmart; Solano SmoothCurl Spring Curling Iron, $79.99,


Use a beauty blender
Overdosing on foundation can make wrinkles look worse and pores larger. Take a beauty blender and dab on foundation, then pat over skin to absorb excess. Also, make sure you use a foundation that's creamy versus powders that can look crepey. (Beauty Blender, $28.95,

Give yourself a brow lift
With age, brows become sparse and wiry, making eyes look droopy. Fill in brows with a brow pen, as they are waxier and will stay put all day versus powders, which slip off. Choose a brow shade one color lighter than your brow color to look natural. This gives lids an instant lift. (Ramy Perfect Brow Wand, $28,

Go for glossy lips
Switching from dark, matte lipsticks to soft pink glosses or glossy lipsticks helps lips look fuller and less wrinkly instantly. (L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Gloss, $8, drugstores)


Stay simple
Go for classic, timeless pieces with subtle hints of trend. Going overboard with a trend is really for the teens.

Choose colors that complement your skin tone
Reds and oranges can make a ruddy complexion more noticeable. Stay away from anything too pale that can make skin look washed out. Black is another no-no, as it can make your skin look harsh. Adding bright accessories like a necklace with a pop of blue adds color to your face.

Pick the right fabrics and shapes
Trying too hard to look young screams older, so don't show too much skin. That doesn't mean mom jeans -- shapeless clothes make you look larger and older. Choose clothes that fit and hug your curves appropriately and still show off your shape.

  • Skirts should hit at the knee or right above it, for anything too long will makes women look frumpy and wide.
  • Show off your neck and décolletage with a V or scoop neck.
  • Show off your waistline with skinny belts to belt sweaters, shirts, and blazers.

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