Aww! 5 cute puppies and how to choose the right one for you

Andrea Arden from Animal Planet stopped by Studio 1A with five adorable puppies along with a few important points to consider before adding a dog to your family.

Puppies Yosef Herzog

Consider that each dog has a different energy level. Choosing one that will fit with your lifestyle is important. 

Puppies Yosef Herzog

The most popular dogs may be stars on social media, but may not necessarily work well in your house.

Puppies Yosef Herzog

Some dogs respond faster and better than others when when it comes to learning obedience and house training.

Puppies go crazy on TODAY TODAY

Research the breed of dog you're considering to see if it will fit in with your family, especially if you have kids. 

Puppy love: Boy, dog take snuggle naps together

Larger dogs often cost more because they can have health issues that aren't as common in smaller dogs. Also, they eat chow! 

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Puppies Yosef Herzog

The anchors couldn't get enough of these puppies. And neither could a few of our furry friends watching at home!

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