'Drop crotch' jeans trend: Hot or horrible?

Jan. 30, 2012 at 11:27 AM ET /
OAK's drop crotch jeans, on sale for $79, have been ridiculed by several fashion sites.

After several seasons celebrating ultra-tight skinny jeans, roomier options are certainly welcome. (Why yes, my thighs would like a breather!)

But do we really want “drop-crotch” jeans, harem pants’ less comfy cousin? The name itself might make you think twice.

The trend erupted unto the fashion scene over a year ago, but it’s now gaining momentum, with several retailers, including Oak NYC, ASOS and even GAP, now selling the droopy item.

"Fashion is always looking for ways to transform and shift shape," said TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas. "At least these low-riders start above the bum, unlike the popular men's style. While this may be offensive to some, so are the rib-waisted high-rise denim styles circa 'Three's Company.'" /
These drop crotch jeans from ASOS are reduced from $89.53 to $35.81. We're not surprised?

It’s certainly a brave fad, and something likely only hardcore fashionistas could pull off. As Refinery29 pointed out, these pants make cool girls look even cooler "while making the rest of us look like we were wearing adult diapers.”

There does seem to be one upside to droopy denim – as a commenter on Yahoo! Shine so eloquently put it, “these would be great for shoplifting a turkey.”

What do you think? Do they look cool or bizarre?

Rina Raphael is a editor who stays away from anything that has "crotch" in its title.

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