'Downright scared!' Watch Al and Matt's 'Sharknado 2' cameo

July 29, 2014 at 10:16 AM ET

A storm is coming to Manhattan straight out of Al Roker's nightmares — an EF-5 sharknado. 

"I'm really nervous about this,'' Al says. "In fact, I'm downright scared." 

Video: TODAY gives you a look at Al Roker and Matt Lauer in “Sharknado 2,” in a scene where Roker warns of powerful tornadoes hitting Manhattan.

On Tuesday, Syfy released a sneak peek of the surefire Emmy-winning performance of Al and Matt Lauer in the movie event that promises to "break Twitter" in the words of star Ian Ziering. The TODAY duo have a cameo in "Sharknado 2: The Second One," the sequel to the social media phenomenon of the first "Sharknado" involving Ziering, a chainsaw, and (of course) flying sharks in tornadoes. Ziering is back as Fin Shepard for the newest Sharknado, which premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy, but on Tuesday it was all about Matt and Al. 

Watch the video for a sneak peek at Matt and Al's performance!

Video: The actor joins TODAY to talk about starring in “Sharknado 2,” in which airborne sharks menace New York City. “It’s ridiculous fun,” he said.

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