Francis Ford Coppola: One 'Godfather' film was enough

Nov. 22, 2011 at 10:02 AM ET

Which "Godfather" film is the best in the franchise? Opinions vary, but many settle on "Part II," which is also considered perhaps the best sequel of any film of all time. Now imagine if it had been never been made -- that was a distinct possibility according to director Francis Ford Coppola. TMZ happened upon Coppola and asked him which film was his favorite, and he revealed that the sequels were a mistake. "There should have only been one," Coppola said on camera.


"Godfather 2" actor Frank Sivero (Genco) had a similar reaction. TMZ spoke to him via phone Monday, and Sivero said  he was surprised by the Coppola's negativity. "I don't know why he felt the way he felt. Maybe he was caught on the wrong time ... 'Godfather 2' was a masterpiece." You can listen to that interview here.

What do you think? Which was your favorite "Godfather" movie? Do you think Coppola should have stopped after the first film?