From the bathtub to the beach, here are your wet pets!

May 18, 2012 at 11:38 AM ET

Submitted by Sarah Zullo / UGC /
Rub-a-dub-dub, two pups in a tub! Rusty and Scout take a bath.

We asked you to show us your wet pets, and your response has been overwhelming! From dogs to horses, you sent us photos of your pets taking baths, dipping in pools, and enjoying (or not) a variety of activities involving good old H2O.

This will be the first of a few posts we'll publish featuring your wet pet photos, so stay tuned for more! As for now, try to fight the urge to grab your towel as you take a look at the photos below.

Submitted by Anna Wohlgemuth / UGC /
What a view: Yukon in the lake.
Submitted by Crystal Walko / UGC /
Ferreting out trouble: Barrell gets clean in the tub.
Submitted by Jennifer Tyner / UGC /
Up close: Lucy at the beach.
Submitted by Julie Thimsen / UGC /
A horse, of course! Surf gets a bubble bath.
Submitted by Adrienne Tanner / UGC /
Why me? Rhea, unhappily, takes a bath.
Submitted by Krystal Sutterfield / UGC /
Just keep swimming! Lexi goes for a swim.
Submitted by Megan Pritchard / UGC /
Izzy and Boogs fresh out of the lake!
Submitted by Jennifer Paukner / UGC /
Seeing double: Jersey and Gobo on a hot day.
Submitted by Shelley McGraw / UGC /
Annie cools down in the pool.
Submitted by Kelly Mitchell / UGC /
Porterhouse loves his kiddie pool!
Submitted by Christine Massaro / UGC /
Living the good life! Giovanni gets a blueberry facial.
Submitted by Alison Markstone / UGC /
Why are you doing this to me? Jixer is ready to get out of the bathtub.
Submitted by Allison Lynch / UGC /
Look out! Porter shakes off after a swim.
Submitted by Andrea Lee / UGC /
Mordecai (obviously planning revenge) isn't happy after this bath.
Submitted by Toni Lasoff / UGC /
Brady is all clean after his bath.
Submitted by Jim Jennings / UGC /
Comet takes a summer swim.
Submitted by Mallory Kerley / UGC /
Bentley's all wet after running through the sprinklers.
Submitted by Kathleen Keala / UGC /
Bobo's first bath. I sense skepticism...
Submitted by Kevin Herrmann / UGC /
Jasper has fun swimming at the lake with Willie.
Submitted by Carrie Giao / UGC /
I'm not sure about this bath thing...
Submitted by Kelly Evans / UGC /
Wide-eyed and wet: Apple's first bath.
Submitted by Maylee Dumas / UGC /
Lola loves swimming in lakes, pools and running through the sprinklers.
Submitted by Sarah Erdmann / UGC /
The perfect size: Mack loves his kiddie pool!
Submitted by Corin Dorio / UGC /
Kubrick looks regal after his bath.
Submitted by Lori Appleton / UGC /
Charlie and Riley take a dip in a lake.
Submitted by Melissa Brode / UGC /
Riley running on the beach.
Submitted by Luciana Boehl / UGC /
Duck and cover! Mr. Phoo at bathtime.
Submitted by Emily Bloomfield / UGC /
Is it over? Maverick's first bath.
Submitted by Misty Bencak / UGC /
Catch me if you can! Bronco and Mack play keep-away.

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