16 Easter treats to make with your kids

March 27, 2014 at 7:17 PM ET

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make
Sweet Explorations /
Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Dyeing Easter eggs might be the ultimate Easter project for kids, but it's not the only fun, food-oriented activity you can do with your crew. Get your kids extra excited for the Easter Bunny's arrival with these cute—and easy!—recipes. No fake grass required. 

Easter Treats for Kids

Easter Snack Mix

Parent Teach Play

Proving that a fun Easter treat doesn’t have to be super-involved and time consuming: This tasty snack mix from Parent Teach Play. PTP used holiday M&M’s, Annie’s Homegrown Organic Snack Mix Bunnies, Annie’s Homegrown Snickerdoodle Bunny Cookies, raisins and pecans, but you could easily customize this mix to include pretty much whatever your kids like!
Easter Treats for Kids

Fruit Bunny

The Prime Pursuit

We love an after-school snack that’s as cute as it is healthy, and this fruit bunny from the PRIME pursuit certainly fits the bill. The combo of cheese, fresh fruit and almonds makes it a nutritional winner, but it’s the adorable bunny face that will delight hungry kids. Happiness (er, hoppiness) on a plate!
Easter Treats for Kids

Bunny Lunch

Lisa Storms

Brown-bagging it (or should we say, bento-boxing it) has never been cuter! We’re smitten with this adorable, Easter-iffic lunch idea from blogger Lisa Storms. Use bunny-shaped cookie cutters for the sandwiches (add mini marshmallows for the tails); add some baby carrots and finish with Annie’s Fruity Bunnies mixed (or not, depending on your kid) with almonds.
Easter Treats for Kids

Scrambled Egg & Bacon Bunnies

Worth Pinning

All of that Easter egg hunting will make your kiddos hungry, so be prepared with a kid-friendly Easter brunch, featuring these scrambled egg & bacon bunnies from Worth Pinning. Regular old scrambled eggs get a cute upgrade when you add bacon slice ears, and make a face using cream cheese, blueberries, a raspberry nose and string cheese whiskers.
Easter Treats for Kids

Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizza

Hungry Happenings

Every bunny loves carrots, but veggie-averse kids? We’re betting that even they might get excited about this carrot shaped pizza from Hungry Happenings, made with crescent roll dough, veggie cream cheese, shredded carrots and broccoli.
Easter Treats for Kids

Easter Chick Macarons

Sweet Explorations

Yes, you could make these adorable Easter chick macarons from Sweet Explorations from scratch – or you could take the easy route, and simply buy lemon macarons and use yellow, orange and black royal icing to make each chick’s face and feet. Either way, make sure to save some of these gourmet sweeties for yourself!
Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Homemade Peeps

White Chocolate Bunny Cookies

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Spring Celebration Brownies

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Flower Pot Hummus Dip

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Healthy snacks can be fun, too! The proof: this vitamin and protein-packed Easter treat created by cookbook author Amanda Haas for Pottery Barn Kids. Carrots are an obvious choice for the pots—especially if your kids plan to make these for the Easter Bunny.

Easter Egg Popsicles

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make
Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Peeps S’mores

Courtesy Eclectic Recipes

Add an Easter twist to the classic chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker combo by adding… Peeps! Borrow this easy trick from Angie of Eclectic Recipes: Swap in colorful Peeps for regular marshmallows, and just pop them in the microwave until soft. So easy!

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Chickie Eggs

Courtesy justJENN recipes

Cutest. Snack. Ever. (And easiest, too!) All you need are hard-boiled eggs, sesame seeds and a bit of carrot to make mama chick and her chickettes. Originally from The Manga Cookbook and adorably executed on justJENN recipes, we love that this treat works great as an Easter season breakfast or snack.

Easter Egg Snack Time

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Cereal Treat Easter Eggs

Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Jelly Bean Easter Bark
Easter Recipes For Kids To Make

Courtesy of Nestlé USA

Three kid-approved ingredients —Nestle Toll House Premier White Morsels, vegetable shortening and Wonka SweeTARTS jelly beans – are all you need to make this pretty pastel Easter bark from Nestle. Just microwaving the ingredients, spread them on a pan and stick them in the fridge. Your kids can do this! 

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