Awkward! Hilarious mom photos for Mother's Day

Awkward mom photos

Moms make the world go round, but they have their awkward moments the same as anyone else. Mine this mother lode of hilariously maladroit mom pictures.

Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 12th, mark your calendars!), so what better way to celebrate than with these incredibly awkward mom moments?

From over-the-top pregnancy portraits to staged shots of costumed mother-daughter duos, to the uncomfortably intimate images of families getting a little too close (read: in the hot tub), this series of Awkward Mom shots will make you thankful for your own family's quirks.

These amazing photos are brought to you by the hilarious blog Awkward Family Photos. Happy Mother's Day, and if your family is known for being a little eccentric, maybe leave the cameras out of the festivities (unless you want to wind up in this slideshow next year)!


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