Jump into marriage: Skydiver gets proposal to remember

Jumping out a plane can be excitement enough, but Katie Mikolyski's skydive on Tuesday is one she will never forget for another reason: a 20-foot long banner on the ground that carried a marriage proposal.

"Oh my God, does that sign say, ‘Will you Marry Me?" she screamed while clinging to her parachute as she completed her 13,000-foot skydive.

On the ground, having completed his jump a minute earlier, Brennan Powell, 28, waited with an engagement ring in hand.

Nine months after his sister, who works with Mikolyski, 31, at a steakhouse in Sandy, Utah, introduced the couple, Powell was ready to propose.

The couple, who live in West Jordan, Utah, had returned to California to visit Mikolyski's family for Thanksgiving in San Fernando Valley.

Of course, the journey this time was more than a simple visit.

"I have a very important question to ask you," Powell said after Mikolyski landed and walked toward him at the center of a pebble-covered landing zone.

"Yes, babe," Mikolyski softly responded, then after a kiss she began jumping up and down. He carried her part of the way across the landing zone toward the "Will you Marry Me Sign."

"Can I keep it?" she asked him about the 20-foot sign.

Marrying Mikolyski had been on Powell's mind for several months, even though the couple hadn't yet exchanged first-anniversary gifts.

"She's beautiful and she's the most well-rounded girl in the world," Powell said. "I think we're a perfect match."

Mikolyski had been skydiving in the past; this was Powell's first time.

She told him she would plan the trip, but he decided he would take the initiative and plot the day's event.

He said he asked Mikolyski's father beforehand, and received his consent.

"I was just waiting for the right opportunity and this was it," Powell said.

He admitted to feeling nervous.

The nerves didn't settle once his feet hit the ground, but they did once he got the answer from Mikolyski.