Dog survives 5-story fall from Miami drawbridge

Cats may have nine lives, but a dog that survived a five-story fall from the Brickell Avenue drawbridge into the Miami River is giving new meaning to the word survivor.

Witnesses said the small, mixed-breed dog fell from the rising drawbridge Tuesday night, NBC Miami reported.

When witness David Bernstein returned to the scene Wednesday to urge bridge operators to help him look for the dog, they said only one area could be checked but it was fully cemented and was unlikely the dog would be found alive, especially 12 hours later.

But when operators searched the area, they found the lucky dog walking around. It appeared heavy rains had filled the cemented area with water, which broke the dog's fall.

Adding to the dog's fortune, the area, which is drained often, hadn't been drained in the past couple days.

The dog was taken to a Miami-area animal hospital where it is doing well, but the owner is still being sought. Potential owners, with proof, can call 954-496-0051.