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Wife's Facebook snooping results in 911 call, husband's arrest

March 22, 2012 at 11:56 AM ET

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When his wife refused to go to bed and let him browse Facebook alone, a Florida man called 911. Unfortunately it turns out neither Facebook snooping nor spousal annoyances qualify as actual crimes, so the man was arrested on a charge of "misuse of 911." He now faces 60 days of jail time.

The Tampa Bay Times' Erin Sullivan reports that 57-year-old Doyle Hardwick first asked his wife to not sit next to him while he browsed Facebook, but she "told him she didn't feel like sitting anywhere else." Undeterred, Hardwick "plied his wife with beer, hoping she would go to bed." Eight beers later, she still didn't feel like going to sleep.

According to Sullivan, a police report explains that Hardwick told his wife "if she didn't quit sitting next to him and go to bed, he was going to call 911 and the police were going to make her." She told him that he shouldn't do that, but he did anyway.

This isn't the first time Hardwick has been arrested for misuse of 911. In 2010, he repeatedly called 911 and asked to speak to someone "regarding neighbors defecating into old vehicle fuel tanks for the past three weeks."

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