Grandparents figuring out webcam a YouTube hit

Sep. 15, 2011 at 7:13 PM ET

Grandparents Bruce and Esther Huffman weren't doing extreme skateboarding or dangerous stunts in order to get more than 2 million views on YouTube. 

The Oregon couple pressed "record" on the webcam of their new laptop and away it went, capturing their comments as they hovered over it as if it were a squirmy newborn.

Besides getting to hear Mr. Huffman's voice singing to the webcam (and burping, too), we also see him look lovingly at his wife and telling her how pretty her hair is, while he disparages his own wrinkles. (He also gets a little racy with her, but we'll leave that for you to discover in the video.)

Rick Bowmer / AP
Bruce and Esther Huffman hug as they walk through their back yard Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011, in McMinnville, Ore. An elderly McMinnville couple has gained unexpected fame after their accidental webcam video reached viral status on YouTube. The three-minute clip of Bruce and Esther Huffman's attempt to snap a photograph on their new laptop computer had reached more than 285,000 viewers by Wednesday evening. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

And when Mrs. Huffman, who's doing most of webcam setup, says she doesn't know how to do it, her husband reassures her in that "we've-been-married-a-long-time-and-will-continue-to-be-married-a-long-time" voice: "Naw, whatever you do, you do fine," he says, adding gently: "You'll learn."

The Huffmans' granddaughter asked and received their permission to post the video on YouTube. Kevin Allocca noted Thursday on the video site's blog that it's not only "one of the most popular trending videos of the week," but it's also "the most-shared video of the day."

The clip may not be a tech lesson in how to set up a webcam. But there's no doubt it's a life lesson in how to treat your spouse.

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