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Video: Where’s the ring? Lip-dub fiancee shows off bling

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    >> every now and then a proposal -- here's the funny thing. we've seen some proposal videos, you start to think, here's another one. this may be the ultimate proposal.

    >> it is going to be very hard to top this one.

    >> this great couple, isaac wanted to propose to his girlfriend, they've been dating for quite a while. he heard this song by bruno mars called "marry you." . then had he an idea. let's watch the tape.

    >> here it goes. say i do tell me right now baby baby oh it is a beautiful night we're looking for something good to do hey baby i think i want to marry you

    >> will you marry me?

    >> yes.

    >> i can tell you? if you can watch this entire video, i encourage to you go online and do so. i did it right before the show. you know how many hits on this video?

    >> 750,000. they had 400,000. wait! 5.4 million. what? wait. i looked to see another version. someone must have used the version somewhere else. you're kidding me! well, there they are.

    >> we got the real deal.

    >> hi, guys. congratulations, you guys.

    >> very creative, huh, isaac?

    >> how long did it take to you put the whole thing together?

    >> i asked her parents about six months ago at christmas. so the idea has been brewing for that long but we only rehearsed or spread it out for about three weeks. took about three weeks to put the whole thing together. we had one group rehearsal before the day.

    >> amy, you look like you were totally -- you were clapping when you were watching it. i loved it.

    >> i was completely floored. it was amazing.

    >> where's the ring, by the way? is it on there?

    >> oh, yeah, yeah!

    >> let's see.

    >> it is a vintage ring, circa 1940 . it belonged to a military wife, apparently.

    >> that's so great. have you set a date in all that?

    >> we're going to wait -- she's about to start nursing school tomorrow morning so --

    >> oh, put that on hold.

    >> you guys, congratulations. we wish


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