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IMAGE: Taylor Armstrong
Two months after her husband Russell's suicide, "Real Housewife" Taylor Armstrong says she's ready to start looking toward the future, and future public appearances.
Access Hollywood
updated 10/20/2011 7:45:57 AM ET 2011-10-20T11:45:57

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong is putting her life back together after the tragic suicide of her estranged husband, Russell Armstrong.

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“Day by day things are getting easier,” Taylor told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on Wednesday during a visit to the set of Ciroc and Bravo’s New Year’s Eve commercial, promoting an upcoming Dec. 31 event involving various “Real Housewives” franchise stars in Houston, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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Taylor will actually make one of her first major appearances since the August tragedy, over New Year’s Eve at the Ciroc/Bravo event.

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“It was something that I had decided to do a while before the tragedy occurred,” Taylor explained of how her participation in the event came about. “I wanted to honor that commitment; it was important to me.

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“I do have to get on with my life at some point,” she continued. “At that point, it will have been quite some time. I feel like New Year’s Eve is a time for new beginnings, and a time to set goals for the future. I think that’s a good landmark for me.”

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For more of our exclusive interview with Taylor Armstrong, including how she told her daughter the tragic news about Russell, tune into Access Hollywood on Thursday night.

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Video: Foul play in death of ‘Housewives’ husband?

  1. Closed captioning of: Foul play in death of ‘Housewives’ husband?

    >>> we'll begin with the death of the husband of real housewives beverly hills star taylor armstrong . the death was ruled a suicide, but now russell armstrong 's sister is claiming her brother did not kill himself . miguel almaguer is in los angeles with the latest on this story.

    >> reporter: betwegood morning. while his newly released autopsy declares his death a suicide, his sister says there is no doubt her brother was murdered.

    >> i'm married to russell armstrong . he's a venture capitalist and investment banker .

    >> what's the latest with your little company?

    >> reporter: on real housewives of beverly hills , their marriage was seen crumbling.

    >> russell and i are so disconnected lately.

    >> reporter: reality stars russell and taylor armstrong were in the middle of a divorce when last month his body was found hanging inside this hollywood hills home. russell 's wife was there during the 911 call.

    >> it's all right, it's all right.

    >> it's not all right. oh, my god.

    >> reporter: his death would be ruled a suicide.

    >> it was his choice.

    >> reporter: but russell 's sister says it was murder.

    >> from the minute i got the call, i knew that it was not suicide.

    >> reporter: lori kelso was planning to visit her brother in the days before he died.

    >> i wished i had gone, but --

    >> reporter: she says he would have never left his children behind despite any trouble he may have been in.

    >> i don't know if it was something within the marriage. i don't know if it was business. or the show. who knows.

    >> reporter: russell was said to be in deep debt before he died. the couple's glitzy glamorous lifestyle, more show than reality.

    >> i would say our marriage is about 80% business and 20% romance.

    >> reporter: according to an autopsy report released wednesday, russell was depressed due to financial and relationship problems. the coroner's report says there was no sign of foul play. and orange extension cord was found wrapped twice between his neck, his bruised legs between a bench. the founder of the website called the fix says he was trying to broker a deal with his company just days before he tied.

    >> that's not the attitude of a man who is thinking of killing himself in a week.

    >> reporter: today for russell armstrong 's family, shock and grief have turned it questions. they say if the death wasn't suicide, it must have been murder. this morning the lapd says they have no new information that would make them reopen this case, but that's exactly what russell armstrong 's family wants. they say they'll hire a private detective to help dig up new information about what they call, quote, the truth behind his death.

    >> sounds like a story that