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Six-year-old beauty queen Eden is giving up pageants to launch a singing career, a source told E! Online.
updated 6/16/2011 3:32:48 PM ET 2011-06-16T19:32:48

"Toddlers &Tiaras' " self-proclaimed "real famous" kiddie pageant star Eden Wood is calling it quits in the pageant world—at the ripe old age of 6.

"She's past beauty pageants right now," Annette Hill, director of the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant in Texas, confirms to E! News. "She's a performer and an entertainer. Beauty pageants are a stepping stone for any performer, look at Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey."

So what are Eden's post-pageant plans?

WATCH: Eden belt out a tune

The little beauty competitor is trading her tiara for a recording studio, trying to launch a singing career in Los Angeles.

"She's been competing for the last two years with us and she is going to be a huge star," says Hill. "People love her, she's a baby doll. I think her heart and soul is performing and she's trying her best to get a record deal. She wants her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here comes Eden Wood!"

And Hill says that Wood is one day going to be as big as the Biebs.

"Just like you know Justin, you'll know Eden," she said.

Before she calls it quits for good, Eden will compete one last time with Hill's company, and will perform in an upcoming show in Melbourne, Australia.

"We've been getting a huge amount of fan requests for Eden," says Hill, adding that not all the feedback about bringing the tiny pageant stars down under has been positive.

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"In the process of preparing for the show there, there are people for and people against pageants," she says. "We've gotten protests against it, people saying 'We don't want your type of trash here,' and I was surprised people would be so ugly and nasty about a child and send harassing emails."

But, Hill says, the negative feedback has nothing to do with why Eden is giving up the beauty biz.

"She's done numerous pageants, she's just far too big now," she says.

After all, she's almost 7.

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