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    TAMRON HALL reporting: This morning on BOBBIE'S STYLE BUZZ , the perfect cover -up. The summer is all about swimsuits and light clothing, so if you're looking for a little something-something to take you from the day to the beach to a bonfire under the stars, TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas has some great looks. Good morning.

    Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS: Good morning.

    HALL: You look spectacular.

    Ms. THOMAS: Thank you. So do you.

    HALL: So I made a quick change from work to a cover . I love this sparkly look. And it was 10 bucks?

    Ms. THOMAS: Nine ninety-five at H&M .

    HALL: Done.

    Ms. THOMAS: So I had -- I had -- I couldn't -- it was so hard to edit down all the beautiful cover -ups.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: So I wanted to try to show as many as possible, and you're helping me out.

    HALL: So this one you would wear over your swimsuit...

    Ms. THOMAS: Absolutely. And...

    HALL: ...and then...

    Ms. THOMAS: ...and you can really work it into your wardrobe, which is what sort of inspired the segment. I just realized that cover -ups really steal the show; we stress out so much about the bathing suit...

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...and we think, `Oh, my gosh, I don't want to find a bathing suit,' but really...

    HALL: And then you end up with your cover -up on more time, you know, when you're walking around.

    Ms. THOMAS: You put your cover -up on.

    HALL: Yeah, that's awesome.

    Ms. THOMAS: And I 'm wearing one of my favorite designers, Loda .

    HALL: Love it.

    Ms. THOMAS: A cover -up like this really, you know, becomes a statement in itself.

    HALL: And that looks so chic.

    Ms. THOMAS: I know.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: I love this. It's definitely something that you can wear outside of the beach and into your wardrobe with a pair of heels. And we have some more examples.

    HALL: OK, let's take a look at what you have. The first one is from the barbecue to...

    Ms. THOMAS: To...

    HALL: Well, it's from the pool to the barbecue. Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: From -- exactly -- from the beach to the barbecue. And what I wanted to show is how you can take an oversized top and instantly add some polish by just putting on a crisp pair of shorts...

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...some sandals. And Keshia is working it. This is from Victoria's Secret .

    HALL: Uh-huh .

    Ms. THOMAS: It's only $49. And what I love is just the belt...

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...it just really brings it all together. So you are making an investment you can wear more than once.

    HALL: Yeah, and it looks great. And on the mannequin that's how you would wear that as a cover -up for the beach .

    Ms. THOMAS: To the beach . Just loose.

    HALL: And then boom, that you have to go off to the barbecue.

    Ms. THOMAS: You're on the way to the barbecue.

    HALL: And everyone would be so jealous because you look so hot. And from the beach to the bonfire, on the mannequin you see the cover -up that you would wear to the beach . It's kind of a -- what is it, a woven crochet?

    Ms. THOMAS: This is a crochet -- it's like a -- it's a loose woven crochet. We don't think of summer sweaters often...

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...but they really are great for the beach because sometimes at the beach it's a little cold. And we see on Julie how instantly you can be cozy by the fire at night at a bonfire, you know, at the beach or a campground. So this is really great...

    HALL: Cool.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...from Athleta. It's $79. And what I love is that not only can it be a summer staple but you could wear this into the fall.

    HALL: Now does she have a tank on underneath it?

    Ms. THOMAS: She does.

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: She has a tank on for at night. We, you know...

    HALL: Right. Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...tricks of television, we don't want her to be naked.

    HALL: You don't want to go too racy to that bonfire. OK. And then...

    Ms. THOMAS: And next, how many times are you at the beach and you want to take a break because you're bored and you want to go shopping?

    HALL: Right. Yeah, you want to walk around a little mall or see what, you know, the local stores have. And this is a great way to do that.

    Ms. THOMAS: Exactly. We call this the bazaar.

    HALL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: So this is from the beach to the bazaar. And Nancy is showing off a really great idea that most women know, but if you don't you should take a tube dress and shimmy it down. This is from Lord Taylor .

    HALL: I did not know this.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah.

    HALL: No.

    Ms. THOMAS: You can take a tube dress and shimmy it down to make it a shirt. And this is great because she doesn't feel over-exposed, she can walk inside, maybe there's air conditioning.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: And just with her tote, you have a change in your tote if you just throw the T-shirt in.

    HALL: Right. Because you often see people with the swimsuit and then the little -- the strapless cover -up.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah.

    HALL: But you're walking around and you don't want to do that necessarily...

    Ms. THOMAS: This is great.

    HALL: ...especially in a crowded market. You look great.

    Ms. THOMAS: And for $49, again this is at Lord Taylor ...

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...what I love is that it's two-in-one.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: You get more bang for your buck , which we're all looking for.

    HALL: Amen to that. And our next look is from the beach to the bar.

    Ms. THOMAS: Beach . Yes.

    HALL: And you got to do that.

    Ms. THOMAS: Well -- and obviously this is a statement in itself.

    HALL: Wow.

    Ms. THOMAS: You're going to bring the drama to the beach with this cover -up from H&M . It's $25.

    HALL: This is beautiful.

    Ms. THOMAS: I was so excited.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: Its beautiful. And it was so pretty that I thought this was such a showstopper, you have to dress it up with heels. Michelle is really showing us how you can wear this out at night with your girlfriends.

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's very " Sex and the City ."

    HALL: What do you layer -- yeah, it is very " Sex and the City ." What do you layer it with?

    Ms. THOMAS: Just a slip.

    HALL: Just a slip.

    Ms. THOMAS: You just add a slip. She's got a nude slip. Even if you had a longer sort of tank top or a dress...

    HALL: Uh-huh .

    Ms. THOMAS: If you're going to be out somewhere on vacation in the Bahamas .

    HALL: And how much is this one again?

    Ms. THOMAS: This is $25 from H&M .

    HALL: Great. Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: I really love the idea. So again, just rethink...

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...what you're going to purchase this summer.

    HALL: Uh-huh .

    Ms. THOMAS: Make sure that the investment can go, you know, work more ways than one.

    HALL: More bang for your buck . Right, exactly.

    Ms. THOMAS: And that's what I really love about all of these.

    HALL: Great looks, ladies. You look amazing. And now you can go out and enjoy this beautiful day in your cover -up. No one would even know.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah.

    HALL: Thank you, Bobbie .

TODAY contributor
updated 6/21/2010 4:57:11 PM ET 2010-06-21T20:57:11

Many of us spend hours agonizing over finding the perfect bathing suit and the confidence to wear it, only to slip on a cover-up when we’re out having fun in the sun. So while it’s important to choose the right suit, don’t underestimate the value of investing in a scene-stealing swathe. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas shows you how to take your cover-ups from the beach to summertime soirees with these chic, convertible options.

If you find yourself frequenting backyard bashes with friends, a tunic may be your best bet to help you seamlessly transition from the beach to the barbecue. An oversized sweater is perfect to wear shore-side with a bikini and flip-flops, and can later be paired with crisp shorts and wedges when you’re ready for food and fireworks. (Striped line cover-up sweater, $49, Victoriassecret.com)

The bonfire
Most of us wouldn’t think that a sweater could be a summer staple. But from hot days to cool nights, a woven or crochet top meant for the beach could become a great asset when cuddled around a campfire. Choose an easy, soft knit that that will keep you cool during the day and cozy during windy nights when paired with jeans and Ugg boots. (Reefbreak hoodie in falcon, $79, Athleta.com)

The bazaar
For the busy beach babe who plans to hit the mall after she’s hit the waves, toss a tee and belt in your bag for a quick fix. Take advantage of their versatility and transform a tube dress or sarong into an effortless shopping outfit by wearing it as a long maxi skirt with a simple tee and low-slung braided belt. (Joolay batik strapless cover-up dress, $48, Lordandtaylor.com)

The bar
Long and loose caftans, especially colorful and embellished styles, are perfect for looking chic and providing protection on the sand. For a nighttime twist, they can bring the drama and add some glamour when you're going out with the girls. Just layer a slip, and add a few bangle bracelets and heels for a stylish way to wow on an easy, breezy summer night. (Coral caftan, $25, Hm.com)

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