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Video: Great gifts ‘on tap’ for dad

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    >> away

    >>> you've got just about a week to find the perfect father's day gift.

    >> so we thought we would help you out. eric has great gifts for the manly man?

    >> yes.

    >> only the manly man?

    >> the thinking father.

    >> of course we'll start off with food.

    >> he won't be thinking long.

    >> this is the heineken beer tender. what's great, it's $99, made from the heineken draft keg, and dad has his own personal on-demand beer system.

    >> how much does this guy run?

    >> $99. the minutee-kegs are for $20 and everyone wins.

    >> does the pizza come with it? or is that a prop?

    >> dad loves pizza. everybody's a kid. this is from patsy's, my favorite pizza.

    >> you can order from patsy's, but i think a pizza party for kids and dad. beer for dad --

    >> so everybody win also.

    >> i got you.

    >> this is where we win.

    >> the dad train moves on to everybody has a good time. this is bacon bloody mary vodka. bacon vodka.

    >> it's bacon-infused vodka. what i heard was the key ingredient to bloody mary is the salt content.

    >> a lot of salt --

    >> that's good.

    >> okay. you want a bottle opener handy --

    >> no, it is not.

    >> what concerns me is cody has these.

    >> you don't have to open a bottle of beer, but you don't not have to open it.

    >> are you serious?

    >> it's got a little key .

    >> they find their ways.

    >> those are cute. this next one is freaky.

    >> basically this is a sling box . anything that you plug in your cable box or tivo, it can stream to a laptop or the new mobile app. only $30.

    >> he's getting msnbc on that blackberry.

    >> and i can change channels.

    >> because it's plugged into this?

    >> your cable box is streamed into here and you can look at tiff ooh anytime.

    >> oh, my gosh.

    >> when will it end?

    >> it's neverending.

    >> spring box is about $130, the app is $30.

    >> we've got books. dads love something for the man's shelf.

    >> you can download speeches on your itunes, speeches that your dad may enjoy and want to listen to.

    >> $20, the greatest speeches of all time.

    >> beautiful t-shirts?

    >> a new take on the classic father's day t-shirts. a knife from guy fieri , it's a custom paint job.

    >> that is quite the knife.

    >> keep that away from me. careful.

    >> it's actually not only just practical, but very manly. a straight blade. even if dad doesn't use it, he'll love the way it works.

    >> and the diaper bag .

    >> a new take on a diaper bag . it's actually something a guy would like, a messenger bag .

    >> that would be good for a manny, a guy nanny.

    >> i like that.

    >> thank you, eric.

    >>> coming up, fish tacos.

updated 6/10/2010 5:38:15 PM ET 2010-06-10T21:38:15

It's all about dads next Sunday, so how about some creative gift ideas to make your dad feel special? Here are 11 perfect Father's Day gifts with universal guy appeal — they simply let men be men.

1. BeerTender from Krups
Price: $100
To the dismay of many men who's wives control the kitchen, chilled beer dispensers often don't have the same positive impact on the kitchen's decor as a nice wine rack. The BeerTender changes that — and could be sitting right next to your coffee maker. What could make a man happier?

2. Bakon Vodka from Black Rock Spirits
Price: $30
Give Dad something he won't be able to get in just any old restaurant: Bacon-flavored vodka! It combines two of his favorite flavors and goes great with brunch!

3. Adjustable BYOB sandals from Reef
Price: $50
Where do you put your trusty bottle opener when relaxing on the beach wearing your pocketless bathing suit? With these sandals — never worry about this conundrum again! These flip-flops from Reef have a bottle opener embedded on the bottom of the sole.

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4. Slingbox
Price: $30
Our wives may rule the bedroom TV and subject us to "Desperate Housewives," but with this device we can watch TV anywhere! The Slingbox application lets you stream live TV to your mobile phone from your home cable box. It's also surprisingly easy to use — my own dad still has trouble with an ATM card but manages just fine with this device.

5. Workout music, speeches
Price: Varies. Most songs under $1.50
Some guys listen to Kanye West or Guns & Roses before a workout. Not all dads. Some need to dig a little deeper and draw upon some Winston Churchill to steel himself to face the treadmill. Whatever the preference, you can find nearly everything on iTunes — the perfect stop to help build his confidence to cut the pounds.

6. Books for the man shelf
Price: Less than $30
Like a stone lion guarding a castle, certain classic books always evoke a knowing pride when dad sees them standing vigil in the den. Two of my favorites that I'm sure any man will enjoy: "Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman" and "Band of Brothers."

7. Chef's knife by Food Network's Guy Fieri
Price: $76
Is your man a chef — or at least pretends to be? Get him the perfect present for any foodie: An 8-inch blade made of high carbon German stainless steel. Other features also provide strength and ensure smooth slices. And it's approved by the Food Network's celebrity chef Guy Fieri, no less.

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8. Professional-Grade Barbecue Beeper from Weber
Price: $35
Like a baby monitor for your dinner, this wireless set's baster-like probe sends updates to a hand receiver containing a database of temperature settings for several types of poultry and meat. The receiver audibly alerts you when the desired temp's reached.

9. Straight razor
Price: $135
There are certain gifts that a guy can't wait to show their friends, I call them "guy gifts" — they may never use it, but love talking about it. He may never use it, but just knowing it's there will make him feel manly.

10. Diaper bag from Diaper Dude
Price: $65
Dads love dragons — they're not super excited about the pink flower motifs that mostly emblazon diaper bags. But Diaper Dude's Diaper Bag looks manly — like a messenger bag — and includes three separate compartments for bottles, wipes and diapers. It's also an apparent favorite of Brad Pitt!

11. Military-quality marching compass
Price: $8
Many men are content to drive for hours hoping their tracking instinct will eventually guide them to the correct destination. But with this compass, the whole family wins! No more endless circling!

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