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Video: Prince Harry turns 25

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    >>> and now to "today's" 25th birthday of prince harry . he's grown into a popular soldier prince who today stands to inherit a big chunk of his late mother's estate. nbc's donna friesen is in london. donna, good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, natalie. yes, being a prince-made him quite a catch, but now as he turns 25, prince harry inherits part of his mother's fortune. there's no big party planned, no lavish spending, but there are rumors he may be rekindling an old romance. prince harry , like his brother, learned early that being a prince can be both a blessing to his every false move whether it was stumbling out of a nightclub, smoking pot or guzzling beer, harry has grown up in the spotlight. but with time, he's matured. being on the front line in afghanistan and now turning 25 seems to have found his feet.

    >> i think the experience on the front line and doing actual royal engagements abroad has benefited him.

    >> reporter: he showed his serious side recently in new york, his first solo trip abroad where he paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 and spoke to matt lauer .

    >> very, very, very moving in the couple of hours i spent.

    >> reporter: while in new york he raised $400,000 in a charity polo match. money that would go to orphaned children in africa.

    >> he's very, very good with people, very good with children. the so-called common touch that diana had has been passed on to him.

    >> reporter: as for romance, harry is officially after splitting with chelsy davy earlier this year, but there are rumors he's trying to win her back, that the two were spotted dancing in a london nightclub on saturday night.

    >> he's always been a rather passionate man when talking about chelsy, and they seem to be passionate together.

    >> reporter: now that he's 25, he inherits part of his mother's fortune, but for now money and romance seem to have taken a back seat to what he and his brother are doing, learning how to fly helicopters. in fact, prince harry is supposed to be so wrapped up in that course training to be a helicopter pilot that not only is he expected not to have a party today, he probably won't even be allowed to have a drink. natalie?

    >> donna friesen, thanks so much. and we wish him a happy birthday .

    >>> still to come, a rare


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