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Nicole Kidman's not pregnant, says her representative, who believes some tabloids are manipulating photos of the actress.
updated 9/11/2006 3:54:53 AM ET 2006-09-11T07:54:53

Are photo agencies manipulating Nicole Kidman’s pictures to make her look pregnant?

That’s the suggestion being made by the “Stepford Wives” star’s rep — after a mag paid $20,000 for a pic of the svelte star showing a bit of a belly.

A mag called New Deal paid for the pics, according to The Australian, and the deal comes a year after it was incorrectly reported that Kidman was preggers by her now-hubby, singer Keith Urban.         

“Afraid they wasted their money,” Kidman’s rep, Catherine Olim, told The Scoop. “[Kidman's] not pregnant.” Olim pointed out that the star wouldn’t be “shooting a film, traveling to Rome for another film, then shooting ANOTHER film if she were” with child. 

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“Incidentally, I’m virtually certain paparazzi are distorting photos to make her look pregnant,” Olim added. “I’ve seen her, she’s her regular slender self.”

New love for ‘Million Dollar Baby’
Looks like Hilary Swank’s agent has found a leading romantic role for the Oscar winner: his main squeeze. The “Million Dollar Baby” star, who announced her separation for hubby Chad Lowe in January and their divorce in May, is dating her high-powered agent — and has been for months, according to reports.

John Campisi, Swank’s agent at the powerhouse Creative Artists Agency, “has been romantically involved with the two-time Oscar winner since shortly after she split from Chad Lowe,” according to the forthcoming National Enquirer.

The tab carries photos of the two embracing in Rome, where they stayed at the ritzy Hotel de Russie, and reports that they were spotted smooching. It also carries excerpts from lawyers’ letters to the Enquirer from as early as March, flatly denying any romance between the two. Campisi is married and has a child. His wife, when asked about the couple, said, “I’m saying nothing.”

Swank and Campisi have “always cared about one another, but when Hilary’s marriage broke up, they went from friends to sweethearts,” a “close family friend” told the Enquirer.

Life & Style Weekly is reporting a similar story, also with photos of the two kissing, and lawyers’ denials. “They have fabulous chemistry,” a source tells L&S. “He knows her so well, he often finishes her sentences.”

Notes from all over
Sheryl Crow says she feels sorry for Michael Jackson. “You can look at him and see that he’s an unhappy person,” says the singer, who once did back-up vocals for the fallen King of Pop. “You don’t change your stamp by doing all that plastic surgery and portray yourself to be happy.” . . . Kitty Dukakis’ forthcoming book, “Shocked,” sings the praises of electroshock therapy. “It’s a rather controversial position to take,” one mental-health care expert tells the Scoop. “I’m somewhat, well, shocked.”   . . . Jessica Simpson says she knows she has a hit if her mother likes a song. “The first person I played ‘A Public Affair’ for was my mom,” Simpson told OK! “She said, ‘You have to roller-skate in this video. If my mom has a video in mind, then we’re good. That’s how my sister and I determine our hits.”

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